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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Timing is Everything at Disney.....

   We had another great day at Disney. Our sister, Phillis, drove from her home to come stay with us a few days. We met her in the parking lot and got her settled in . 
   Tom was golfing for the day so Chris, Russ, and I headed to Animal Kingdom. Now it is pretty busy down here. I think there are some schools that are on spring break. We thought we might have a little wait getting on the Safari Ride, but we walked in line about 10 minutes before we were right there waiting for our jeep to seat us.
The jeep ahead of us....
  We really got to see alot of animals and it was around ten o'clock. The weather was a little sticky, but not too bad.
They were walking across the road.
We saw these deer like animals as they were trying to cross the road. One of them got by while these two were waiting patiently for us to move on by. Really beautiful to see.

 Love, love seeing all these giraffes. It is the most we have every seen in one place on this ride.
They were all kinda together eating. The giraffe on the right here was using its tongue to reach those vines hanging down.

Close up.....
   They were not bothered by us in any way. I just love seeing them in their environment.
  Another animal that was not bothered by us in any way was the lion. He was just snoozing up on the high rocks as if we weren't there. This is the second time he has been there when I have been on this ride.
  His mate is below him between the rocks, but I couldn't get a shot of her.
Nap time around ten..
  We left the safari ride and were just in time for the Flights of Wonder show. We have seen this before,but
they change it a little each time we go and the tour guide is a hoot.
The Bald Eagle
  They emphasize conservation during the show and really do a good job introducing the different birds in a humorous way. One bird flew by so close I could feel the wind as it passed. NO sticking your hands up here.
  Russ wanted to ride Mount Everest. Chris and I waited to get a shot of him on the ride, but we missed him. He was out before we could see him. Rats..
Mount Everest
We were done at Animal Kingdom and it was lunchtime. Perfect since everyone was streaming into this park. We caught the bus back and met up with Phillis and Mom. We wanted to eat at Beaches and Cream. Russ and I had never eaten there so we were excited to try it out. It did not disappoint.
Old style decor, but really done well.
   It is not a big place at all right next to the main pool at Beachclub. We were really lucky to get in without a reservation.
  The food was really
good. We had sandwiches and fries. Nice vacation food. We shared a brownie sundae which was really yummy.
Pastami  rye

Hamburger and fries
 We went back to the room to rest our feet and get re-energized for Downtown Disney. Mom decided not to go. We thought we had worn her out enough so we took the car.
  Downtown Disney is always busy. They are building a walking bridge between Saratoga Springs and Downtown Disney. They have started construction already.
Big changes....
  They are closing Team Mickey store to make three stores in its place. Also, Pleasure Island on the West side is closing to make room for different stores. It will really be an interesting change. I heard they wanted to rename the place Saratoga Springs.
  We ended the day at Downtown Disney. I have a few pictures of our fun there. Tomorrow we will go to Hollywood Studios. Hopefully to catch the Toy Story Mania ride. But I don't know if we can get on. I tried to get a Fast Past on my computer and there weren't any available for tomorrow. Well, timing is everything....
Showing the way....

He squirts water.

Love him in the World of Disney store.

Ceiling is very interesting..

Nighttime at Downtown Disney

Candy store ...ummm....

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  1. Well, I am still having trouble getting warm and you are worried about "the weather being a little bit sticky!" Oh my! It was cold and snowy here this morning and it made everything gray-again! I think I am going to be chilled until mid-June. We are so jealous of you all down south in the warm weather. Soak up the sun and have lots of fun. Miss you guys and I will be ready for a yummy breakfast when you return. Hello to Chris and your Mom.