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Thursday, March 6, 2014

Our Fourth Day at Disney

  We had another nice day at Disney even though they had predicted rain. We did not see any. In fact, the sun came out in the afternoon.
Toy Story Mania.. Who doesn't like Mr. Potato Head
   We had tried to get a fast pass to Toy Story Mania the night before to no success. It said Standby Only. They had given out all the fast passes. So we thought let's get there early and take our chances. We were smart. We got there and they let us in. We went right on 'cause there were no fast passes yet. As soon as we got off the wait time was 50 minutes.
Cool signage.

     Russ beat me again, but I love this ride. It is the most popular one in all the parks. Disney would do well to make a ride like this at each park.
    Chris had not been to The Legend of Jack Sparrow since it is a brand new offering at Hollywood Studios. It shows off how the technology can be used.
   It was so amazing Chris thought Johnny Depp was actually standing in front of us. Pretty cool..

Nice show
  Next, we walked to The Great Movie Ride. Chris had not been on it for
awhile and Russ loves old movies. Disney has done a nice job paying tribute to the stars and their famous movies. I like this ride, too.
Shopping at Hollywood Studios
     It was getting towards noon, so we started walking out. On the way we visited the gift shops that line the Main Street.   Didn't really see much that we wanted. But some great photo ops. Love the hat.                                                                 

It is all about the movies at Hollywood Studios.

   We picked up Phillis and took the boat across the bay to eat at Big River Grill on Boardwalk.
Good food and prices
We ate outside. It was lovely. We won't be doing this when we get home.
  Mom would have loved this, but she is feeling under the weather with a slight cold. She has been resting for most of this trip.
   We went back to the room and decided we wanted to check out The Flower and Garden Show at Epcot. We walked over in the sunlight, so nice.
  The show was nice, but not spectacular. I did get some nice pics of butterflies in the tent. Which was wicked hot. I guess butterflies like that .. The fairy houses were here instead of outside like last year. They were cute, though.
Cute fairy house

Another one

Pretty one
Fairy house tucked in the wood.
Butterfly art

We had really tired feet by now. When I got back to the room I discovered I had a blister on my toes. So we rested for a bit. Tom came back from a day of golfing. Mom was feeling a little better.
Chris with Phinneas and Ferb. I don't now how to spell their names.
 We ate at Red Lobster again for dinner. Great seafood.
We saw the end of The Electrical Parade. Not my favorite 'cause the music is too monotonous.

  We sat around and chatted for awhile and then took the bus to Magic Kingdom. We wanted to see the fireworks. We didn't realize it was late night and they wouldn't be showing them until ten. Too late for us We went on Pirates ride and then took the train around the park to header back to the buses. It was a lovely day.
  Tomorrow I am not sure what we are doing. It is suppose to rain and be thundery. We might go check out a Hobby Lobby here. Who knows ?

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