" I am a dreamer. I am , indeed, a practical dreamer. My dreams are not airy nothings. I want to convert my dreams into realities, as far as possible. "

Monday, March 24, 2014

Happy Day, Elaine!

  I finished making my BFF, Elaine her birthday card. It is the Card in a Box design. Love this design. It is so much fun making for someone. I think it is a relatively new card design. I am starting to see this type of card everywhere on the net. I have a board on Pinterest just for this type of card. There are some gorgeous ones out there.
  I cased this card from my Pinterest board. As always I changed some elements to go with materials that I h
Elaine loves flowers.
have on hand.
Another view
 I think I could have
really added a few
more flowers in the middle now that I look at the picture.
But it still looks pretty good.
  I couldn't help using the "Party Chick" stamp on the flap.
I think she is wicked cute. The stamp is from My Favorite Things. There was a tiny ballon that came with the set, but I wanted a bigger one, so I used my Martha Stewart  balloon punch instead.
Love you, Elaine!!!!
  I really like how you can make the back of the box where
you can write a lovely sentiment or poem. As you can see from
what we wrote on the back of Elaine's card that she  is a special person.  
Lenny's card
 I forgot to post the birthday card I made for my future brother-in-law, Lenny. We had a birthday party for him last weekend. It was alot of fun.
  This card I cased from Pinterest, too. I used colors from Lenny's favorite baseball team: The Yankees.  I love using the circles everywhere. I like glitter. Not sure Lenny does that much, but it makes me happy to see glitter anywhere.
  I am now working on making an 8 x 8 album. I have made 6 x 6 albums and thought a larger one might be cool. I love Graphic 45 paper. I am using their newest line: By the Sea. Will be showing you the results as soon as I have it done.
   My friend, Elaine and Sue are finishing up their album projects with a little help from me. They are newbies to this kind of project; although they are both crafty  people. I will show some of their finished work, too. Til next time pray for warmth and no snow.


  1. Love your card in the box! So colorful and it does make me think of spring! Can't wait for some warmer weather for sure!!!

  2. Love the chick on the side of your Card in a Box! Elaine is going to love all those flowers! Can't wait to see the finished albums too!!!

  3. Connie, I just love the beautiful birthday card and your message-that was very touching. I really want to make one of those cards. My birthday card was sweet and the colorful flowers certainly are uplifting, given the weather that continues to show up here! I really treasure the friendship I have with you and Russ. You have been so kind and generous sharing all ( I mean every last thing.) your wonderful scraping materials with me. My new cottage album is wonderful and I love seeing what I can accomplish with your guidance. Even more meaningful, is the friendship that we continue to share. I count my blessings.

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