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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Finally Done!

   I am so excited to have a project done that I have been working on FOREVER!  I finally had to get it done because I couldn't find anything to go over our new oven. Once I get a piece of plexiglass over it I will hang it; or should I say my husband will hang it for me.
  I found this idea on Pinterest. Again where else do I find really neat ideas. The gal has a video showing how she did her designs. I thought it looked pretty cool. So I decided to try it.
  I think it came out pretty great. My sister, Chris, gave me the idea of putting a quote about the kitchen on it. I searched the web and found this one. I was going to put  "resistance is futile-CHOCOLATE".  But I thought it was better to go the homespun way. Although I may use the chocolate quote somewhere else.
  I plan on hanging it and taking a pic to post on my blog, so keep on checking back.
  We are heading to Dover tomorrow to check out the stuff at our favorite craft store: Stamped Designs. Jeannette has the Pan Pastels for sale now, so we are making it a fun day of shopping at her place to check them out. We also plan on visiting our other favorite place: Just the Thing. Great shop with vintage finds and other very interesting stuff.  Can't wait.
  Oh here is a link to the Paper Punch Medallions video:   Paper Punch Medallions
Hers looks way better than mine, but I think she must have a lot more corner punches than I have in my supplies.
Beautiful time of year
  Fall is definitely here. We have been enjoying the warmish weather. Our veggie garden has been cleaned out and made ready for the winter. We have been watching our newly planted grass/ lawn grow. This weather has really made it "take off". Next spring we should have more green grass and less crabgrass. Amen. 
  Hope you are having a wonderful Fall.
Plant seed and it will grow....

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  1. It came out fabulous! Love the saying too! Nice job! I love your pictures of fall! It is a beautiful time of year! Can't wait for our field trip to NH!!!