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Thursday, August 15, 2013

The Month of August!

  Wow! August has been wicked fun so far.  My brother, Hal and his wife, Charlotte, and their daughter, Cindy , came up from New Jersey for a short visit. We had fun. It started out with giving Hal his birthday card. I loved making it 'cause I used punch art. I cased a card I found on Pinterest.

Love the bird!
Wacky Bird!  Here is the link to the blog that gives you more info on how to make it. I did a little change here and there 'cause I didn't have all the same punches and dies. I think he came out pretty good.
   I love making my own cards to fit the size of my card. The envelope punch board is great for that.
Looks yummy...
   I also made Hal a birthday cupcake box and bought him a yummy cupcake at Hannafords.I wanted to take a lick wicked bad, but I held myself back. The box was so easy to make. I got the directions from a blog I found, guess where? Pinterest: Surprise, surprise!
 Here is a link to that blog. Her video is quite good. Cupcake Box  I decided to glue my corners inside the box and for some reason the top did not fit. It was too small, so I scored the top a little smaller than an inch and it worked fine.
Side view
I borrowed some glass beads from my sister, Chris, and put one in each corner for the legs. I had seen that done on a box at Stamped Designs in New Hampshire. It looked great. Here is a picture of the legs on this box.
You can just see the glass legs.
  Well, we decided to take everyone to Shaw's Wharf in New Harbor. What a gorgeous day to go eat at a wharf. It was a beautiful drive down on a wonderful summer day. We ate lobster rolls, seafood casserole, and  lobster and fish chowder. We were full of the bounty of the ocean. Yum!
Great food...
 We got some great pictures of  a working wharf. It was a very busy place with lobstermen, and tourists everywhere.
Selling their lobsters...
Here is a picture of Cindy acting like a typical tourist. Love this picture of her.
Now that is a lobster...

Pemaquid Lighthouse

See ya soon!
  We headed to Pemaquid Lighthouse after lunch 'cause they had never been there. Again it was gorgeous. We checked out the gift shop and the locals...
Friendy locals...
 What a great time with family ... The next few days we took them to Ken's in Old Orchard, and  a Sea Dogs game. The time went way too fast. We hope to see them this fall.
  I have just finished my brother-in-law's birthday card. Yes, another birthday in August. He is an avid golfer, so this card was perfect for him. I really loved making this one 'cause it was so easy. I used a scrapbooking pair of scissors for the grass. I also cut out the circle with my  Big Kick and a Spellbinders die. The dotted swiss embossing folder gave the golf ball its dimpling.
Wicked cute!
 I used a Sizzix die for the tag that says "enjoy". That sentiment comes from Tim Holtz. I really like the colors that make this card stand out. I cased this card from another great card I found on Pinterest. Here is the link to that card: Golf Card
  Well, Russ and I are headed to Denver, Colorado to visit with his daughter, Kristin. We are looking forward to seeing her for a few days. When we come back  August will be more than half over. Where has the summer gone?
  Here are a few more pictures of my brother's visit.
View from Shaw's Wharf

Great picture

Good day for a boat ride.

Pemaquid scene

Sea Dog's Game

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  1. We did have fun while Hal was here! Looks like I missed a great time at Shaw's wharf! I don't want summer to end!