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Monday, August 19, 2013

Last Day in Colorado!

  We woke up to another gorgeous day in Colorado. It was our last day to be with Kristin and Mike. We walked to Perkins Restaurant for breakfast. This has been one of the many highlights of our visit here. Russ and I really love seeing those majestic mountains in the
distance as we walk the bridge.

We will miss seeing these beauties.

Walking Bridge to Perkins Restaurant

  I was really excited 'cause we were going to the Butterfly Pavilion in Westminster; not far from our hotel. We have been there before but last time there were a lot of grade school children which did not lead to having any butterflies land on you. We wanted to be there when it opened.

Love this place!
   They have a bug exhibit and a ocean exhibit,
but I wanted to go to the butterfly room 'cause I was afraid children would be coming soon. And I was right. It was perfect timing. A few adults were in there and us. It was quiet and peaceful with butterflies all above and around us. The flowers are gorgeous. I couldn't help but take a gazillion  pictures.    
There is netting above to keep the butterflies inside.

   Here are a some pictures of the butterflies that landed on us and some that didn't!

Check out Russ's arm!

Can you see one on his visor?

This one landed on my arm.

Wicked pretty!
    It was a great visit. We are looking forward to coming back after they have renovated the exhibits this year.
  Next we headed to Archiver's which was just down the road. I had googled for any craft store in the area and this place came up. What a fabulous find. It is a huge place fill with scrapbooking and card making supplies. I spent about an hour here while Russ listened to football on the radio in the car. Perfect. Check out their store with the pictures of their shop.

Store front

I picked up some really cool stuff that I plan to use on our mini albums from our Colorado trip. Can't wait to get started.
  We traveled to Kristin's house for a barbecue. Kristin and Mike have a cute place that was felt cool inside despite the 100 degree temperature. I think the tree out front and the "swamp cooler" helped with keeping things cool.
Wicked cute home....

Mike grilled some yummy veggie burgers and fried up some sweet potato fries. It was a delicious meal under the back deck umbrella. They have an awesome backyard.
Now this is summer living....
Kristin had a great idea to go visit a frozen yogurt place called Zinga's . You pick your frozen yogurt and then add whatever topping from a huge selection and weigh everything to pay. Then eat. It really cooled us off. We were heading to Mike's baseball game at 6:30.
 Mike's game was a nail biter. They started out strong with a score of 13 to 1, but slowed down and lost by one point. They have the championship game next week.

Russ and Kristin's treat
It was hard to say good-bye ,but we have an early flight tomorrow. Kristin and Mike gave us some souvenirs of our trip. We will remember this "vacation" for a long time. We will be looking forward to when we will return. We couldn't say that one day was better than the other 'cause it was all good.
  I took loads of pictures to remember each moment. I will post the mini-albums when I get them done. One for us and one for Kris and Mike. 
Good game...
Our Sovenirs



  1. Wow! It looks like you had a fabulous trip! Is it me or did that hamburger look as big as someone's head? I can't wait to see what you bought at Archiver's!!! This looks like a trip we should all go on....I wanna go!!!

  2. I saw all your pictures from your trip! What a fun trip!! Can't wait to see all your pictures! Mostly importantly, I really liked the "Archiver's"--that in itself is a destination place!! LOL!