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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Elitch Gardens/Happy Birthday, Kristin!

  What a hot day in Colorado. We walked to Perkins again this morning for our breakfast. And it was an excellent breakfast. Russ wanted pancakes and I wanted half of another chocolate muffin disguised as a cupcake. It is wicked yummy. I had a two egg omelet with toast. Russ's pancakes look real good, too.  We continued our morning with another walk, but not too long 'cause we would be walking around Elitch Gardens in Denver.
You gotta love Perkins for their most excellent pancakes.
It even had frosting on it.
We took a break back at the hotel room while I googled for any craft stores in the area. I FOUND ONE! It called Archivers. I had never heard of this store,but it has an online store, too. We are going to check this place out tomorrow 'cause it opened at noon today and we were going to be at the park.
We were a little hungry by this time, so we used the Garmin to find Gunther Toody's. It was only a about ten minutes away. What a lovely place to have lunch. Russ loves their vanilla shakes.
A step back in time.
   We drove to Kristin's house ready to explore Elitch Gardens for her birthday.  The day was going to be a hot one, but there was no humidity. Thank goodness!
We were there!
This theme park reminded me of Universal Studios in Florida. The rides were thrilling and the air was full the smell  of buttery popcorn , pop music, and loud screams. It was very exciting.

Walking towards the rides.
  We came upon the Mind Eraser. It was way too high for me and I could not believe it when Russ, Kris, and Mike said they wanted to go on it. They are certainly  brave people , or just plain crazy. But there were a lot of crazy people on that ride, or waiting to get on. Check out the video I took of the ride. Don't watch it on a full stomach. I know I had to sit down after watching it a few times.

They survived this ride to go on the Half Pike. Another thrill ride that looks like a large skateboard. Russ opted not to go on this one as the back and forth motion tends to make him sick. I get sick just looking at this ride. I am impressed with anyone who gets on it of their own free will . Crazy people!' Take a look at this one. Kris and Mike really liked this ride.
 They went on a few more rides. I went on the Tilt -a-Wheel. I thought it was a gentle little ride. Mercy, it was a whole lot faster than I remembered. My stomach kinda lurched once I was on solid ground. Ugh! Not my favorite ride. We ended the day on the Ferris wheel. It has gondolas which I can do. Loved this ride.
We were  ready to eat at Red Lobster for dinner. We were all tired and hot. It was a lovely drive there in an air conditioned car. 
We love Red Lobster almost as much as my brother-in-law, Tom. The food is good and tasty. It was a great way to end the day. Our waiter gave Kristin a little whipped cream cup when he heard it was her birthday. Check out our meals:
Admiral's platter

Shrimp dinner
Nothing better than cheddar biscuits.
Broiled haddock

It was nice to help Kristin celebrate her birthday.


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  1. Wow! What a fun day! Tom is gonna cry when he sees your meals! The rides look soooo scary! I don't know how they could go on them! Love watching the videos, though!