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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Playing with Dolls!

  I recently bought one of Julie Nutting's new doll stamps from Absolutely Everything's online store. They are only $7.00. I love them. It reminds me of playing with paper dolls when we were kids. I love choosing the patterned paper to cut out her dress.
  I made a tag for my sister, Adrianne's upcoming birthday. (Don't look Adrianne , if you are seeing this post.) I chose pink and red for the color combo. I stamped leaves in the background and then used Tim Holtz's distress ink pad to soften the edges.
Love this tag!!
  I put the flowers together from my stash of prima flowers and some ribbon like flowers I got from Tate's in Bath.
   I forgot to take a picture of the back of the tag, but I typed in a message that I think works really well for birthdays:
"By  living fully,
recognizing that all we do is by
His power,
we honor God;
He is turn blesses us."

I hope Adrianne has a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday, Adrianne!

   I was able to use my new favorite tool for this tag to be sent to Adrianne, since she won't be with us on her birthday. She lives in Massachusetts.
Envelope Maker
  This Envelope Maker is fabulous and so easy to use. It only costs around $20.00. The dimensions for cutting the sized envelope you want are right on the board, as you can see in the picture. 
  I needed a larger envelope than the dimensions showed, so I added an inch to each dimension and got the perfect fit.
  I also purchased the "Lick and Stick" glue for envelopes that let's you roll on the glue around the flap. You wait til it dries and then you can lick the flap and it will stick like a bought envelope. Neat, huh?
Perfect fit.
This is the tip of the envelope glue.
Well, I am off to the post office 'cause I think this card will need more stamps.
  I am on to finishing up my Disney trip mini album. I think I have said that for the last few days. The heat here just wears you down and all you think about it taking a nap. Whew... tomorrow the heat is suppose to break and we will have mid 70's weather. Hurrah!!!

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  1. Nice tag! I love Julis Nutting's doll stamps! Your tag came out great! Adrianne will live it!