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Monday, July 8, 2013

Heat Wave in July!

Wow.. it has been wicked humid here in Maine these last few days.. We have been staying in doors with a few moments outside weeding the gardens or watering our plants.. It should break here in a few days.. Yeah!!
   My last post we were going to Topsfield, Mass. to a yard sale at one of our favorite craft stores: Absolutely Everything. It was a fabulous sale. Items were mostly a dollar or fifty cents with a few things a bit more. We had a ball. The picture below shows you the items I purchased. The paper was Graphic 45. I also got some chipboard cut outs for a dollar. Loved everything. My sisters came away with good stuff, too.
The "goodies" I bought at Absolutely Everything.

     I am so proud of this blossom on our climbing clematis vine. I am having a wicked hard time growing these babies. I am hoping that now they are established that they will grown bigger and have more blossoms.
Hydrangea Plant
 This hydrangea bush is doing real well, too. The yard has so many pine needles around that the flower is turning blue without me adding anything to the soil. That is kinda cool; except I don't like the pine needles.
The peas are ready for eating.

 A Saltwater Farm

  We had a lobster feed at my sister-in-law, Bette's and her husband. Tom's home. Tommy and Bette have a wonderful garden out in back of their home. It is huge with many of the plants growing sky high. The peas are delicious eating them right out of the pods. This hot humid weather with an afternoon rain shower helps the gardens to really shoot up.

Thomas loves those garden peas, too.

   We went to the lake yesterday to our friend, Cindy and Dave's camp in Limington, Maine. The weather was perfect there. The food was yummy and the water was warm. We all had a great time.  Cindy's friend, Nancy, gave us all a ride around the lake. It was great fun.
Slow smoked ribs...yummy!
Beautiful day at the Lake.
Ribs afterwards
Good eating...
Boat ride on the lake
  We were so tired on the way home. A day at the lake can really sap your strength especially when you go swimming in the lake to boot. We can't wait until next year. Cindy and Dave might have us back for the Fall. We will have to rest up for that fun, too.
  I will leave you with a picture of a moose that Dave and Cindy have inside their camp. I always jump when I come into the sun porch 'cause I think someone is standing there. Spooky..
Mr Moose...


  1. Cool pictures! The food at Dave and C indy's looked great! Yum! It hasbeen a great summer so far!

  2. We did have a lot of fun at Cindy's and Dave's! Those ribs were amazing!! Can't wait for more fun in the sun!!