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Sunday, June 9, 2013

New York...New York

    We had a great time with my brother, Hal  and his wife, Charlotte in New Jersey. They drove us( Mom went with us, too.) to New York to see Phantom of the Opera. What a fun day!!! The weather was awesome. NO RAIN!!
      We had rain the whole way to Hal's .. and a lot of rain. We didn't have to pull over, but I was a little nervous.  Russ did a great job driving.
     It was such a relief to get to Hal's. Hal and Charlotte's family was there to greet us. Cindy, Jill, and her husband, Rob with their daughter, Amelia. We had pizza for dinner and caught up on everything.
It was time for bed so we could be ready for the 2:00 show of Phantom of the Opera. We were so excited to be going to the Big City.  And thank God Hal was willing to drive into the city. He is a pro anyway because he takes his family there a lot for different events. 

Charlotte's roses

Pit stop in New Jersey
       The weather was perfect for our trip to New York City. We were pleased to see not too many cars on the road, until we got nearer to the inner city.  There are some crazy drivers out there. We made it though. Hal had researched a place to eat right across from the theater called Angus Bistro. It was perfect 'cause there wouldn't be a lot of walking for Mom.
Charlotte, Mom, and Cindy in front of Angus Bistro
The streets of New York
   The restaurant had great food. We loved the open air feel of the table where we were sitting. Hal and Russ walked through a window after parking the van in a parking garage.
Our table by the window
Mom and Hal thinking about ordering.

   The menu was great.  I had a turkey burger. Russ and everyone but Mom had the special plate of a open faced ham and cheese sandwich with a small salad. Mom had macaroni and cheese. We all had desert 'cause the theater wasn't open yet. What yummy desserts to choose from on the menu. I had to have the brownie sundae, but crème brule and toffee bread pudding were also chosen.
Brownie Sundae

Toffee Bread Pudding

   We could see the line was starting to wind its way to the front doors; so we paid the bill and headed out. Mom and Hal were allowed to go in cause Mom can't wait in lines. The rest of us went to the end of the line. It was an impressive line, but it went smoothly once the doors opened.
Waiting to get in.
  I knew we would be seeing a great show because
our hairdresser, Sue, had been just the week before
and said it was fabulous. She wanted to see it again.

So we were pretty sure this would be great. We weren't
disappointed at all.

Outside theater waiting.

   We had to walk up a few stairs to get to the balcony, but it was worth it cause you could really see the stage and there were alot of scenes way above the stage that we could see better from the balcony. Hal picked great seats.
This comes down. It was way up to the ceiling of the theater.
Opening scene stage
  We couldn't take pictures but I got a few of the stage before it started. The chandelier was gorgeous. The music was just beautiful.  We all just talked about the show on the drive back to New Jersey. It was an awesome day. We headed towards Readington Diner for dinner and then to bed. What a nice way to end the day.
   It is so nice to visit family. Hal and Charlotte will be seeing us in Maine in August. It will be a great time... Hope the weather holds out 'cause today it is gorgeous.
Amelia with Aunt Cindy



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  1. WHAT A TREAT!!! Sounds wonderful! So glad your Mum could go too!!! Larry would walk through a window like Russ and Hal. But I'm thinking you would figure that, you've met him!! HA. Hope the rest of your trip is just as wonderful!!