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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Heading to Topsfield!

  We are heading to Topsfield today!! I am so excited. My sisters and I really love this craft store there. Absolutely Everything is the name of the shop in Topsfield. My husband, Russ is driving us all down in our van. The shop is having a flea market today in their shop. They are selling items they want to get rid of to make room for newer items.. I like that idea. I bet they are going to be busy. This is a picture of their flea market area. I copied it from their newsletter.  I think it will be busy today. I see they have lots of room for people to move around. Good thinking.......NEWSL 6.28 NO. oops 002
  I just finished working on a card for my friend, Elaine. She needed a card for her son who is getting married in August. I have a couple for her to look at, but I wanted to make something new to get a break from making my son's wedding invitations.
Wedding Card
  I got the layout from a card I pinned on Pinterest. Check out my board there. I added the prima flower and used my spell binders die cuts for the leaves. I love the softness of the paper I used here.
  I used my printer to type out the sentiment and turned it sideways to fit in on the cover.
  Elaine chose my other wedding card, so I will keep this one just in case there is a wedding I will be going to in the future.
  I finished my son's wedding invitations. Wow! Color me happy. I don't want to share pictures of it because their wedding is a year away. I will post them when they have been sent out.. And that won't be for awhile since the wedding is next June..
  Guess I will get back to work on my Disney mini-album. I put that aside once I started the wedding invites. I hope to be posting this project soon. I also am working on my cigar box project. I am using Graphic 45 Secret Garden paper. I hope to have that done soon, too. Thank goodness I am retired. That's all I can say.. I will have pics of our trip to Topsfield, Mass next time, too.


  1. Beautiful wedding card! Wow, all done the wedding invites already! Can't wait for that wonderful day! Topsfield here we come!

  2. Hi Connie,

    I hope you had fun in Topsfield and found some wonderful items. Your wedding card is so pretty. I love the leaves with the blossom.

  3. Boy that was a lot of fun at Topfield!! Your card is very sophiscated! Love to make wedding cards with flowers and bling!!!