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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Back to Fun at Home...

  Sorry it's been so long since my last post. We got home with only an hour delay at Orlando which I thought was okay since many planes were delayed for alot longer. I think due to a storm that was in the Midwest.
I think  it's one of the chipmunks.. not sure, though.
  We did go to Magic Kingdom again one last time before we had to go home. The weather was a little bleak, but not raining. We were sad to go. Russ tried to put some humor in our day by trying on some funny hats. Doesn't he look cute?
  We tried to go on Ariel's ride but they were having trouble 'cause it wasn't open until one.
At Magic Kingdom
We walked around and I got some last shots of Magic Kingdom. I had not seen this statue of Roy Disney before. At least I think that is who this is... I love that he is with Minnie.
For the Wheelock Family
   Well, I am back home working on my many projects that I would like to finish before I start my garden work. But we had some sad news that a friend of our family had passed away. We had not seen her for a number of years since she and her family had moved to Alaska. Beverly Wheelock was our Pioneer Girls leader when we all lived in North Yarmouth many years ago now. She was a wonderful person who lived for The Lord. She was always cheerful even with dealing with her cancer for many many years. She will be missed and thought of often. This is the card I made for her daughter, Lilly.
   I really love then new Spellbinders die cut that I used here. The oval is cut out when you use the frame. I think it is so pretty on cards. I hope to use it in my next vertical album, too.
  I have been working on vertical photo albums this whole month of March. Love these gems. Ginger from My sisterscappers.com is the one who has tutorials on the TP album and the paperbag album. Her videos are so easy to follow. She does a great job. Here is a link to her blog.My Sistersscrapper

I even used feathers here.
Side view of album
These tabs are inside the paper towel roll.You add the pictures.  

  I really had a ball making both these albums. The TP album was actually made from the roll found inside a paper towel. Ginger mentions using toilet paper rolls, but I found mine to be too short, so I used paper towel rolls instead. They worked fine. Here is a picture of the one I gave to my hairdresser and friend Sue over at Snip and Clip in Yarmouth. She does my hair and my mom's. While we were at Disney, she picked up my mom for her hair cut and drove her home. What a gal!! Love her to pieces. Hope she liked this album I made for her.
   My sister,Chris, over at Calla Lily Studio has done a video on the Toilet Paper Album. I am basically lazy about doing videos, but Chris has done a great job showing hers. I hope she does one on the Vertical Paperbag Album so I can link to it. Anyway, here is a link to the TP album.Calla Lily Studio video on TP album
Look at all the stuff I used for the cover
     I have just about finished the Vertical Paperbag Album. This was really fun to make too 'cause I got to use alot of materials I had on hand that I didn't think I'd ever use. Hurrah!!
   The cover was great fun. I just kept adding things until I liked what I saw. I've had that white crown for eons. It looks perfect here. That metal piece is from Tim Holtz's collection. Looks good here.
Some pages inside waiting for pics to be added.
A photo tag inside the paper bag
  Here are some examples of the pages inside. You have pockets from one side of a paper bag that can be used to hold photo tags or journaling work.
You use 6 bags to make these pages. Alot of work but worth it.
   The bags all have photo tags in them that can be pulled out and seen as I have shown in the picture to the right. This is the link to the vertical paper bag album. Vertical Paper bag tutorial  from My Sistersscrapper.com.

Just the right touch. I will add info about the album on this little piece of paper when I know what pictures I am going to use inside.
    The spine is one of my favorite parts to this album. Here I get to use all those "trinkets: that I have saved for just the right project. Well, here it is.. Can't wait to do my next one.
  We are heading to Rockland this morning to do some "junking". I will take a few pictures of our experience. I am going to work on my Disney Vertical album and hopefully get ready for our Easter dinner planned for the family at our home. I found some cute things for the table that I will share next time. Happy Spring.. I hope that comes soon...


  1. Love the picture of Russ and his squirrel hat! He has a great sense of humor and you are right it is needed when you leave Disney! I love doing both of the vertical albums! Yours are perfect!

  2. I love the albums you made! They came out beautifully! Great embellishments! But wait...I am still laughing at Russ's hat! Did he buy it? He should wear it at Easter!!

  3. Glad I was able to at least catch a breath and see the last post you entered about Disneyland. So glad you had fun and yes, what a gal your hairdresser is to come and pick up "Mum". Thank you again for the beautiful card, sweet sentiments, and memories you shared about my mother.

    We are all looking forward to planting season. I have a few flowers in my window to transplant in early June. Blessings.

  4. I am with Chris, I just can't stop myself from giggling when I see Russ in that hat. As always, I love to see what creative projects you have been working on. Thank you for sharing them.