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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Epcot Thursday

  Another beautiful day at Disney.  The weather was chilly again this morning, but warmed up around lunchtime. It is sunny and warm, so unlike home right now.
Waiting for everyone...
Our morning walk...
Getting ready for the Flower Show...

   Russ and I went to Epcot while the others went to Hollywood Studios. It was a lovely morning walk.  As you can see from the picture, there weren't many people around. It did get busier, however.
   Soar'in is our second favorite ride at Disney. We got a Fast Pass and then went right on. Love that ride. We went to the Living with the Land ride. It is so interesting to see all the things that Disney is experimenting with in agriculture. 
Growing in sand???
  We went on Soar'in again and loved it again. That's it for this trip.
Getting ready for the Flower Show

So  pretty...
   The walk back to The World Showcase is beautiful.. I love the walk. My feet don't love it, but I didn't listen to them.  
   We met up with everyone and had lunch at The Chinese Pavillion. No pictures 'cause I was hungry. We had white rice and orange chicken. Yum..
   We went on two more rides.. Mexico and Norway's water rides. When you are our age if you don't go on these rides every time you forget them.. Wicked fun.
Noah and Ezra outside Norway...

   The World Showcase was a busy place today. People were everywhere, but that's part of the fun and excitement.
The boatride at Norway

Mexico has a ride with Donald Duck.
   Russ and I walked to the American Pavillion and saw the movie called An American Adventure. It always makes me cry because it is so moving...
Eyore up close and personal
He kissed my hand.
  As we were walking Eyore came walking up to us for a photo op. I thought he was cute.  He kissed my hand as he started to walk away. How gallant!
Fun with family
  We got back to the room and rested for a short while 'til everyone came back. We then went to Smokey Bones to meet up with my sister, Phillis and her husband, Cary. We had a great meal and lots of fun with family. We miss seeing Phillis and Cary, but they may come up this spring or summer.

Phillis hates having her picture taken... I surprised her..
  Our time at Disney is almost over. We leave tomorrow around three for home. It's been a great vacation here. I won't be able to blog 'til tomorrow, so I will let you know what we did on the last morning . I think we are going to Magic Kingdom to check out some new rides we missed.
Mimi and Ezra
  Here are a few more pics from today..

Dinner tonight
The cornbread is delicious.

Hubby and a friend

So romantic

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