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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Finally Finished!!

 Russ and I planted this past Memorial Day weekend. The raised beds are done and the plants loved the recent rains we just received. The sun is starting to shine as I type this new post. Russ did a great job with the design and construction of the beds. Hopefully, we won't have any midnight visitors looking for a meal.  It is so nice to be done with this major project. Next year won't be so tough.
Relaxation place..
   We also mulched the area in front of the potting shed. I was tired of moving the Adirondack chairs; so this worked out perfectly. I added the ladder I found at a fleamarket last year. It is perfect for potted plants and garden items.  I love the look: a little shabby chic...
The corner by the side door

 I also finished the cascading planter by the side door steps. You just stack pots and plant your plants in the front section. Here I have used a begonia plant at the top, an ivy in the middle, and I think a lobelia for the bottom pot.  It really did come out great. I got the idea from a pin someone pinned on Pinterest. What a great site for new ideas.

  Two of my sisters and I  got together and started working on our new found interest: Quilling. I guess its been around for awhile, but we never felt we could do it. We are all on Pinterest which was showing some amazing designs. My sister, Chris, looked into it and thought it would be a neat skill to add to our cardmaking  talents. Here are a few of our beginning shapes. We did end up with some finished designs. I thought they came out pretty darn good... if I do say so myself.
Our finished products

quilling shapes


   What would Memorial Day be without a barbecue. Here are a few pictures of our day at my sister's home. We had great fun....

Shrimp on the barbie

My cabbage salad

Yummy.. goodies
Chris's raspberry tarts

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  1. I don't know where you find the time Connie to do it all! Doesn't it feel good to cross these items off your list? Glad to hear you had a great Memorial Day with a family barbecue. Enjoy your new place to relax and the gardens.