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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Finding Treasures

So pretty,but we have a few of these already.

   Last weekend my husband and I went looking for bygone treasures. We took the van and loaded it up with family members who like to find treasures, too.  My two sisters and their husbands. It was a beautiful day to travel downeast. We explored a number of places.
  This  first place we stopped had wonderful items, but they were too expensive for my wallet. But just look at the old jugs on display. Beautifully done.
Outside the first shop we visited.

  I can't remember the name of the shop,but it is in Nobleboro. The fountain outside was so pretty. I had to take a picture of it. Think of the home that could have this in their backyard. Ummm.
  We at lunch in Rockland at the Brown Bag. Their sandwiches are excellent. I had the BLT on homemade bread. My sister had the crabmeat sandwich which looked way too good.

As seen through the fence...
  We headed for the ferry terminal in Rockland to visit for a minute with my niece, Callie. She lives on North Haven and travels for groceries to Rockland. It looked like a chilly trip, but the ferry is awesome.
Very interesting....
I don't think so...
  We continued on our journey and found Elmer's Shop. It looked interesting on the outside.  I didn't find anything there. But it was fun to look.
  The bear on the right was interesting, but I couldn't think where I would put it...My husband was relieved.

$200.00 a piece... ummm
 I would love a millstone sitting upright in my garden or by my mailbox with flowers growing all around it. But for $200.00 a piece, I guess it's not going to happen anytime soon. They looked very nice laying there next to the shop. I couldn't resist a picture.
   We had a great time. I came home with a $6.50 antique cheese grater to hang by my pot rack in the kitchen. I think my sister found a pair of old white skates she is going to add glitter to for the Christmas season next year.  My other sister found a cute Mason jar to add to her collection. All in all it was a fun day.


  1. Fun Fun! We did have a fabulous day! I think the bear should have come home with you!!! But it might scare the deer!

  2. Oh, I love finding new treasures. Glad to hear you came home with something. Sounds like it was a fun day!