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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Watering Can Renovation!!

   I finished it!! It took a little work and fixing boo boos, but I finally feel like it's done and I can start using my watering can again. My mom gave it to me because it leaked. So I used  little silicone gel to "plug" the leak and thought "Why can't I make this can sing", so to speak. I had a ball adding "bling" here and there. I really like how much improved it is.. What do you think?
One side...

and there.....

Butterflies here...
A little bling...
 I am watering my plants this afternoon with this new can. I am sure it will make a huge difference in their growing .. I know it will make me water them more often..I am ready to start a new project. My sister, Chris (Figaro: Calla Lily Cards) has started working with Julie Nutting's work on Collage Couture. It looks very interesting.. Check back and see what's up on my next project... Thanks for looking!!!


  1. Did you use paper??? If so what did you put over it to make it water proof?

    Really cute! TFS


  2. Yes, I did use paper, but I covered it with clear packing tape I had. I hope it keeps it waterproof. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I love your watering can! The dots on the spout are faboooo!!

  4. I love the way you decorated it! The butterflies are perfect!!