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Saturday, June 11, 2011

Graduating Cards....

   It's 11 o'clock and I just finished three graduation card for my sister -in-law, Charlotte and my brother, Hal. They are up from New Jersey for Charlotte's nieces and nephew's graduation and our Aunt Carol and Harry's anniversary party. Charlotte was in desperate need of graduation cards, so I was happy to help out.
   Thank you Jackie Topa for your great design. I cased her cards which you can see on her blog:
For the Graduates
Addicted to Stamping   They were really easy to make.
   I didn't use any stamps, but used  colored paper that went with Biddeford High School's orange and black colors, and the blue and white of UMO.
   I made the graduation cap from 2x2 squares of black card stock and used raised dots to lift them a little off the paper. I borrowed tassels from my sister, Chris who lives down the road. She got them from JoAnn's Fabric. I have to go get some to replace these. Black brads anchored the tassels nicely.
  Jackie does a nice job explaining how she made her cards.  Hope Hal and Charlotte like them.

So romantic....
   The anniversary party today was alot of fun. We got to see friends and family we haven't seen in awhile. Where does the time go. There was a slideshow put to music showing the bride and groom as they moved through the years of their lives. My sister, Andrea and I shed a tear or two. Here's a pic of my Aunt Carol and Uncle Harry was they cut the cake today looking back fifty years to the first time.


  1. Great job on those Graduation cards! I love how they came out! Your a card making machine! I love the picture of Carol and Harry! I wish I could have been there to see them both!

  2. Graduation cards came out great! I love Jackie Topa!!!

  3. Connie,

    These graduation cards are awesome! I just love the school colors and how you designed them to look like shirts. You and your sisters are so creative!