" I am a dreamer. I am , indeed, a practical dreamer. My dreams are not airy nothings. I want to convert my dreams into realities, as far as possible. "

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Whirlwind Weekend!!

Wow! I've had a whirlwind weekend... Russ and I went to the Fryeburg Flower Show in Fryeburg. It was a perfectly beautiful day. We ooohed and aaahed over all we saw. I  was hoping it would be a little bigger show, but it was nice. I got ideas for my garden that we are working on right now..
Sebago Lake
Flowers everywhere...
Garden ideas..

    We had a scenic trip going and coming back. Sebago Lake was breathtakingly pretty. Had to get a few shots of northern Maine.
   We ended the day by going to the coast to New Harbor to have dinner on Shaw's Wharf. The views of the Atlantic Ocean are as pretty as a lake view. The food there is fab.. We had broiled haddock and my mom had a crabmeat roll.

Mom's crabmeat roll....
Another page done!!
   I still had time to finish a few pages of my Disney Album.. My goal is to get it done by November when we go back to Disney to add some more memories.. We will be staying at the Boardwalk Resort. Can't wait.. I'll be wicked busy til then...


  1. Wow! It was a busy day! I love the garden pictures- especially, since the sun is in them! I miss it already! It looked like you had a fun day!

  2. Looks like you had a great weekend! Great pictures!!!

  3. Hi Connie,

    It sure sounds like you had a beautiful day. Sebago Lake looks gorgeous! I've been busy trying to get my gardens ready, but it is suppose to rain this week so I guess I will be able to stamp after work :-)

  4. Glad you and your family have a great weekend!