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Monday, January 17, 2011

First Rosettes

   I am so excited that I could make rosettes for my paper crafting projects. I have been having a bugger of a time with it. I finally gave in and watched Tim Holtz's video on youtube. Just put in rosettes and his video will come up.

   Once I got it together I noticed that the paper started to rip between perferated sides. That bugged me. So I searched my studio and found a roll of decorative packing tape. It was something I picked up in traveling around to the different craft stores that I like. It was perfect. The sides did not come apart. I love the rosettes. I am working on a Valentine card for my DH.
   I noticed a website on the inside of the packing tape: www.fancythatonline.net   They have quite an array of decorative tapes and ideas on how to use them. I bet they didn't think of my idea yet...
   Anyway, I will be working all morning on how I am going to use these rosettes for my cardmaking. I'll be showing you, hopefully, on my next blog. Thanks for looking!

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