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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hollywood Studios and Downtown Disney

   Russ, Connie, Chris, and Tom took the boat over to Hollywood Studios yesterday morning. It was a lovely day;sunny but a little cool. A perfect day for us. Well, it was perfect until Chris "took a header" on the walkway. There was a depression in the wooden walkway as it joined the cement. She stubbed her toe and fell hard. It knocked the air out of her and she had trouble breathing. It scared us to death. The Disney staff were great. We showed them the unsafe area of the walkway. They took notes and gave Chris a band aide for her scrapes. By the time we came back from the park it was fixed. They do want safety first.

Her elbows and one hand got scraped, too.
I ate this for breakfast 'cause Mom's loves oreos.

  I love taking the boat over. It's such a lovely slow going trip and you get to sit down. The captain was a hoot. He told jokes like.." I always thought I would be an astronaut, but my teachers knew I would be a sea captain because my rank card was in the High C's"... We liked him.
  Once we got to Hollywood Studios where did we direct our path.. right to Toy Story Mania. There was  a forty minute wait so we got Fast passes that were good at 12:40. But as we started to walk by we noticed that there wasn't really a line outside. We took a chance and decided we would wait. It was only a twenty minute wait. Not bad. I lost to Russ, of course. I wanted a rematch at 12:40.
  Chris and Tom had to head back to Beach Club to play miniature golf with the kids. Russ and I wanted to explore Hollywood Studios more.
  We went on the Star Wars ride which I had
Star Wars ride
forgotten how much I liked it.
Our favorite ride

Meatball subs
   We decided to eat a little early at Pizza Planet. This was a new place for us. The food was pizza; imagine that. They also had meatball subs. We chose that to be different. It was pretty good. Russ loved it.
I am not singing....
   We walked around a bit and took in the sights. There was an umbrella attached to a post with rain coming down over it like the Gene Kelly scene in :Singing in the Rain". Russ wanted a picture of me under it.

   We went on the Great Movie ride which is a great ride for people who love old movies. We didn't wait too long.
Once around again...
  Then we used our Fast Passes to go on Toy Story Mania again. I improved my score, but didn't beat Russ: "Drats"
   We had extra Fast Passes from Chris and Tom. Once we were outside we looked for someone to give the passes out to use. We found an older couple who had NEVER been on Toy Story. We explained the ride to them and they seemed pleased to get on.. Hope they liked it.
A great show
Car chase scene
  We decided to go check out another show called "Lights, Motors, Action".  It was a really good show. It shows how stunts are done in the movies using cars and motorcycles. One scene had a man on fire and a man falling off the side of a high building. Way cool.

  It was time to head back and go to the pool. It turned out to be a pretty wonderful day weather wise, too. We had a great time at the pool.
The candy store
   Everyone wanted to go to Downtown Disney. What fun. We took the bus. It was busy but not to busy. I love going there with all the excitement in the air. I got a new Mickey for my collection, plus some souvenirs. 
  It was a great day but my feet were killing me. The bus ride home was relaxing. What will today bring for excitement. I think we are heading to Epcot. I will eat my way through the countries.


  1. I am so glad that Chris is okay. It wouldn't be good to be hurt at Disney during your vacation. Other than her fall, it looks and sounds as if you are all having a grand time together. I am envious! It seems that we just continue to have stormy weather here. I am more than ready for warm weather. Bring some of that home with you!

  2. I second that from Elaine!! Bring some warm weather home with you! Glad Chris is okay, it worried me when I saw the first picture of Chris' bandaged knee! Glad you all are having a grand time. Pretty sloppy here!

  3. We hope to bring warmer weather with us. Tell me how and it is done. I think we won't have any trouble landing tomorrow. Hopefully at this time tomorrow we will be closer to Yarmouth, Maine.