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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Spring is Here....

Along our driveway
   The weather is starting to warm up here in the Northeast. Russ and I are out working on our raised bed gardens and putting our touch on our new home. We really are enjoying seeing all the Spring  plants coming up which we did not see last year since we moved in in July. The beautiful pink crabapple has become a favorite.
  Russ changed our screen door which opens onto the patio,so that we would get more Spring air  and light into the entry way. I really love how welcoming it looks.
Leading out to our patio.
  The lovely hanging plant we purchased from The Garden Spot in West Pownal. We have just discovered this nursery and it's wonderful. It has ten greenhouses and their prices are great. This hanging plant cost $28.00.  The white leaves shrivel up when spent and you don't have flower droppings all over the porch. Love that..
View from the dorrway

 We are now ready for grilling and eating. We hope to start our deck on the back of the house this summer. Not sure when we will get that started. We hope to sell our condo in Brunswick before we begin this major project. Until we do we are grilling on the patio out front. It's really a nice area anyway.
   We are still working on our raised beds. Our next step is putting mulch around the beds outside after putting screen down to keep the critters out. Hopefully I'll have pictures soon. Russ put the screen door in that leads to the raised bed area.. Looks great.
Mom on Mother's Day

   We got together at my sister, Andrea's house and had a great time. Mom opened her gift and all her cards. I love Mother's Day and really any family get together. We will be together again this Sunday 'cause it's Mom's birthday. We are meeting at Bugaboo Creek. Then next weekend we have a barbecue at my sister, Rochelle's home. I just love May... 


  1. The house looks fabulous! What a gorgeous tree! It is my favorite too! How are the "Squirrel wars" coming along?!!

  2. Everything looks great Connie. The hanging basket adds a nice touch to the entryway. It sounds like you are loving the new house.

  3. Love your posts, Connie, especially when they include your sweet mother. What is the name of the plant in your hanging basket where the white leaves just shrivel up when spent? Probably can't find it here! he-he