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Monday, August 1, 2016

Here Comes August!

Wow! The heat has been quite opressive as of late. Hoping the rest of the week gets better. I have been working on a few projects and some cards.
  Here is the card that I made for my sister, Adrianne, who lives in Massachusetts.
 I wanted to do a pop up card,  I was so happy when I stumbled across the Sizzix Karen Burnston die cut.
  It makes such a nice decorative edge. As long as you remember the way to fold it, you are going to come out right every time. Of course, I had to watch a video to remember the steps. I plan on using this die and others that I have to insert into the base. Easy peasy...

   I also made a card for my brother, Hal. He has a birthday on the first day of August. We already celebrated his birthday on July 4th when we all went down to surprise him.
My brother.... 
 I made his card from an idea I found on Pinterest.
I added a bit here and there and I think Hal will
really like it since he likes funny cards.
Another Pinterest Inspiration
   I really like how I used scraps of paper I have left over from other projects.
  I used the bird punch from Stampin Up to make the flames.
Ha.. Ha... love it...
  The "Happy Birthday" stamp is from
Hero Arts.
  I used the computer to type out the funny saying, Hope he likes it.
From my garden...

           I put this picture of a blossom from my blue hydrangea bush because I am so proud to have grown it. The blue is a perfect color that I did nothing to it to make it that color. I think the pine trees that grow near it give the soil the acidity that it needs for that color. Love flowers.
Pretty sights...
Well July went sailing by. We often  go to my friend, Elaine's cottage for breakfast in the summer , if the weather is cooperating. This past week Russ decided he wanted to go out in the water in front of her cottage for a look see of the shore. I thought he was nuts, but he wanted to go. He got some good exercise while checking out the sights.
That is what summer is for I guess.
  And taking our granddaughter to the park for a slide down the slide. She just loves the fun of sliding down. We love seeing her smile.
  Hope you have a wonderful rest of the summer. Enjoy!
Our granddaughter, Evy.


  1. Hi Connie,

    Your pop up card is beautiful and happy belated birthday to your brother. I'm so happy you were able to grow hydrangeas. The color goes by your soil type. Mine usually come out pink so you are lucky.

  2. Beautiful card! Love the pictures of Hal and Evy! Isn't August flying by?