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Thursday, August 11, 2016

August is Birthday Month!

Happy Day, Rochelle!
  I have been working mostly on birthday cards for my siblings. I have 6 of them and three of them have birthday in August. My other sister had hers at the end of July. So you see it is a busy time.
  For my sister, Rochelle, I mad this tag card. I used Julie Nutting's paper doll. I attached a butterfly for her wings that I had lying around. I really love how she looks with the pom pom lace around her skirt.
  The sentiment is so perfect. My sister, Chris, asked if I had a stamp for the letters or used the computer. What a compliment since I just used my own handwriting. She was surprised it looked so good, since my handwriting stinks. And I taught handwriting to third graders for 32 years!  My teaching must have rubbed off on me.
  The card stands up. I used a Tim Holtz die cut that makes into a stand. I also used some of Tim Holtz stencils to make the background design. I really love how it came out.

Back view

Top vies

Side view

  I have been working on making this golf cart card for my brother-in-law, Tom. He is an avid golfer.
  I bought the directions for this cart from Lori Heiling. You can find her directions at  Stamping Addict  Her directions are great but the template she gives you is missing some dotted lines to help you know where to fold. I figured it out, but be aware. The directions only cost around 4.00. Well worth it,
  The cart is suppose to hold a gift card on top, but I just made it the place for the sentiment.
  I made the first card in a green cardstock, but did not like it as well. So I made this one that seems to fit with what most golf carts look like in real life.
  I have a Stampin Up stamp set that is called "On the Green". This is where I fuzzy cut out the golf bags and used my Copic markers to color. I also stamped the golf balls and tees from this collection.
Two Lights State Park
  On the whole I really like how it came out. Now you can not flatten this out for mailing, so it has to be an "in person" delivery.
   After all that hard work, Russ took me to Two Lights State Park which was beautiful. The weather has been so humid but I was actually chilly near the water.
  We had lobster rolls from the Lobster Shack which were delightful, if you like lobster which I do.                                                                    

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 They put a gob on mayonaise on the top which you can mix in with the lobster to make the salad. I scraped off quite a bit because I do not need that much mayo. I like that I could mix it myself. It was quite yummy.  

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  We have been having a grand time with our granddaughter, Evy. She is growing up so fast. Her parents bought her this sandbox which is adorable. She loves to move the sand around. I love watching her do it. She is talking so much more now. It is so cute when she tries out a new word and doesn't quite get every sound. I love hearing her try..
  Hoping she says "Grammy" soon. I would take "Gammy" even.

Silver Bullet
  Well, we bought a new car. It is kinda sad 'cause we traded in our Honda van for a Honda CRV. The van has been great for taking family members with us on fun trips. But we wanted to save money on gas and go to the SUV. I love the color, but hard to find with all the other sliver cars in the parking lot.
  It doesn't use a key to start. You push a button. What would my grandparents say about that. I am going to  have to get use to it too.
  My friend, Elaine, has started a new wedding album.  She has started working on the cover and it is coming out great. Here is a peek at what she is doing.
Great color choices
   I love working with a creative person. It should be wicked fun seeing this album come together. Stay tune for more pics as we move ahead.      


  1. I love my tag and I love Julie Nutting doll stamps!! Thank you so much! It was great celebrating today with you, Russ, Cindy and Dave!! Evy is growing up so fast, she is a doll!

  2. Rochelle's birthday card was adorable! So creative! Can't wait to see more of Elaine's album! Also, can't wait to see Tom's face when he sees the golf cart! He is going to love it!!