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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Happy Halloween from Disney World!

Ready for Halloween!
I am so proud of myself. I'm ready for Halloween way before Halloween. That is very unusual for me. I have to admit that I found this idea on Pinterest. Since I have been sick I needed a quick but cute idea. I printed this out and stamped "Happy Hallween". I am ready when we get back from our trip.
  We are at Walt Disney World with my sister, Andrea, and her daughter, Emma, and her friend , Jillian. We are staying at Beach Club. This is our favorite resort.
We went exploring when we got here to get
The lay of the land. The weather is quite warm
but lovely. We walked over to Boardwalk and
ate a late dinner of nachos, corn dogs, and a
Beach club at Disney
meatball sandwich.
  The girls went swimming in the pool and I am
here working on my blog in an air conditioned room. Love it. We are planning the next few days to get the most fun here.
 The rooms here are so spacious. We have a two bedroom. There is a living room with a kitchenette.  The best part is that there are two bathrooms. It doesn't hurt that we have a washer dryer in the room either.

A king sized bed
 Well, it is getting late. The girls are still at the pool. The bed is calling my name. Looks like Russ and I might be going to Epcot tomorrow with everyone else heading to Downtown Disney.  It will be fun no matter what cause we will be in shorts!
    Here is a picture of a cute little friend we met while exploring the grounds. 

A little bunny 


  1. The pictures look great! Love, love Disney! What is the view from your room? Russ must be in heaven in shorts! Can't wait to see more pics!

  2. Looks great! Wish we could be there in the warm weather!