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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I Have Been So Patient!!!

   I have been waiting a little over two week for our living room to be done. I am so happy with the results so far. It has been hard not to have our Christmas tree up. We usually put if up the day after Thanksgiving, but the construction made it impossible to do.
    We had a wall taken down in the living room and a steel beam put up to open up the space. It really makes the living room so much larger. I love it.
Under construction
  There was a lot of dust due to the floor being replaced and sanded and polyurethaned  and the ceiling being mudded and sanded. Ian Smith's crew tried to hold back the mess by hanging plastic sheets and using a fan to blow some of it out the window. Thankfully it only took about a week for this step in the process.
  Yesterday they finished the painting of the ceiling, two coats, and the painting of the walls and molding. They were done. What a great team! I would recommend Ian Smith Carpentry out of Cumberland, Maine. We are very happy with the results.
Waiting for more furniture.

  Our tree is up and the lights are on. Russ is working on finishing the built-ins that go around the fireplace, so we can get the TV up and running.
  It is such an open space. We love it. Still dusting though and figuring out where to put everything.
Olaf, from "Frozen".
  I will share pics of the built-ins when he has everything done.
  This is a Christmas card I made for my niece's little girl in New Jersey. She really like the movie "Frozen". So when I saw this punch art on Pinterest, I couldn't help but make this for her.
  I used my Spellbinders oval die cuts and some of my circle punches to make him come alive. I cut out his arms free hand. I think he is rather cute. Hope she liked it.
Coming to our home

  These are the two pieces of furniture which will come on Friday. We bought them at The Furniture Superstore in South  Portland. I think they will go nicely with our couch. I am hoping the couch does not look bad sitting beside new furniture.

So pretty 
  Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas and a Happy New Year!.


  1. I have seen that card on pinterest too! Adorable just like Amelia!! I think your living room is gonna be beautiful!! Last week will be a distant memory soon!! Merry Christmas to you both!! and Mom too!

  2. Love your Frozen card! I bet Amelia loved it too! You have been patient! The room looks fabulous! Can't wait to see it!

  3. Hi Connie, enjoy your newly remodeled living room. Everything looks fabulous and I can't wait to see those built-in shelves! Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a joyous new year.