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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas preparations !!

Love this decoration at Andrea's Home
 We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my sister, Andrea's home, in Kennebunk.  We had plenty of good food. Always great to be with family during the holidays.
  I made green bean casserole and orange kissed brownies. I was
so stuffed from the meal that I
could not eat much dessert.
  Andrea did a beautiful job decorating her home for the holidays.
  The family surprised us with a birthday cake to celebrate my twin sister's and my birthday. I was surprised since I try real hard not to think about birthdays anymore. It was really nice of them. I love my new bracelet.
A nice celebration to be thankful for this year.....

Lovely table setting

  I made a birthday card for my Uncle Myron. It is his 80th birthday. We showered him with cards to mark this milestone.  I used Stampin Up's bird punch . The flame is the wing of the bird. I really love how it came out.
Happy Birthday, Myron!

I have been working on my Christmas cards wondering why I don't make them in July to save all the stress of getting them done in time. I really like making them, though.
My Christmas cards this year.
  I bought Stampin
Up's Festival of
Trees and used one of the designs to make this card. I loved how I could change the background to whatever paper looked like snow.
I made 35 which surprisingly did not take that long. I bought my envelopes since I was feeling lazy and did not want to make 35 of them.
  Spend yesterday helping my sister, Chris and her husband, move boxes to their new home. Thankfully, it was not raining. I am so happy for them since they have been looking for the perfect house for over a year now. I believe they have found it. They bought us lunch at Sylvestor's in Topsham.  I was so grateful for the

The U Haul truck that carried the boxes to their new home.
my son, Nathaniel,  and Chris's son-in-law, Rob, for using their young and strong arms and legs to get all the boxes in and out of the truck.
  I still have some shopping to do, so that will be a big part of my plans for the coming week. Hope you are all have a Merry Christmas so far..

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  1. Your Christmas cards are fabulous! I know what you mean about making them in July! We should try that! Thank you for all your help moving! I know we couldn't have done it without you!