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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Love Fall!

  The weather has been gorgeous. I have been working outside around the house mostly. I am on a crusade to get rid of crabgrass in our lawns. It is an up hill battle, but I intend to be the winner in the end. Anyway, my hands are real sore after pulling and raking up the debris. I will take a picture this Spring when I feel like I am in the homestretch.
   Our son's birthday is in September. I found a card I cased from Pinterest that I thought was wicked cute. Nathaniel likes the beach so this worked perfectly.
Perfect for Nathaniel!
 We went to Texas Roadhouse for a lovely celebration. I mentioned to the waitress that it was his birthday... little did I know that they would make him get on a saddle and everyone shouts: Yeee... Hawwww... Kristin his wife was laughing like mad in the corner booth. He was good natured and said he would get me back. I was innocent I tell you.
   The next weekend my husband took my sisters and I to Hobby Lobby in Bangor. It is an hour and 45 minute ride. It went fast because we talked about our latest finds for papercrafting. Rochelle had come across a new die cutter called : Revolution Advanced put out by We R Memory Keepers. It sounds interesting. It has no sandwich method because the bar is moved with a dial to go up and down to "press" the dies. The price is not bad either. I am going to check out reviews to see if it might be something I would buy. I will let you know.
  Anyway, Hobby Lobby was so fun. We spent two hours there.
Gotta get me some knobs.

Wonderful way to organize.
 I just love the variety of items they have in this store. I especially like the home decor section.

   The papercrafting section was great, too. They had Tim Holtz , Sizzix,  Martha Stewart and many more companies that I like. I bought a few small things from this section, but I had my eyes on the Thanksgiving couple that I wanted for our table this November. It was on sale, too.
Ready for Thanksgiving

  Well, October is the end of the fair season here in Maine. We went to the Fryeburg Fair this past week. It is the oldest and biggest fair in Maine, I believe. We went with my sister, Rochelle and her husband, Mark. They had never been before. It was the perfect day weather wise.
  We had a great time. The animals are the highlight for me. I couldn't believe how HUGE those draft horses are compared to other animals. I don't like to watch them pull heavy blocks, though.
Handsome horse

Liked having picture taken.

They were having fun.

Old McDonald's Farm
   I am now getting ready for a gender reveal party at our home next weekend. We are so excited to be grandparents for the first time. I have gotten wonderful ideas from Pinterest. I made a poster for people to try and guess the baby's birthday. I have the baby feet stamp so it worked out great. 
What a keepsake....
  I used Stampin Up's "Baby Firsts" stamp set to make a border on the bottom. I don't know the name of the set that the bear came in. I purchased this set online and the name of the container is wrong. I plan on mounting the poster and framing it, too. People will stamp the date with the baby feet and then write their names under the stamp. If baby feet are already on their chosen date, they just add their names under it. I made this calendar free hand with careful measuring. Love this idea.. thank-you Pinterest!
   As you can see the kids have already chosen the name of the baby depending on a girl or boy. I love both of the names. So happy for them. Praying for a lovely warm day in October, so that we can use the deck for lunch seating, too. 
  I am using my onesie die cut from Dynamics to make white onesies for people to guess the weight of the baby. I think I will make a banner of them for the front of the fireplace mantel, too. I will use pink and blue for paper, though. I will post more pictures when I am finished decorating the house. 
I made this!!!!
  I wanted to post this picture of a bundt cake I made
this summer. I love how it came out so pretty. I love
drizzling the white frosting over it. Just the right 
amount to make it tasty. It looks good on my green
cake stand, too. As you can see, I was ready to try
a piece.

 Fall if going too fast. Just like this past summer. We have had alot of fun, though. Not sure how winter is going to be. I heard it is going to be a bad one. We will see. I will just remember all the fun times  at the Fryeburg Fair. 




  1. Great pictures! Can't wait for the Gender Reveal party!

  2. Just love your pictures! We did have a lot of fun at the Fair! I was impressed!! Love Nathaniel's card! I can't wait for the party either!!