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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Good to be Home!

  I love going to Disney , but boy it is good to be home. I have missed crafting in my studio and getting projects done. The weather has turned warmer here. But we are waiting for another snowstorm today. Bummer. The snow won't last due to the sun being at a better angle with the longer days, too. Yeah!
  I finished working on a mini-mini-album. I found one at a store some time ago and wanted to see if I could make one of my own. It was really quite easy.
Front cover


Folds out
 I really like how it folds out quite easily and does the same when you are folding it back together again.
  I also like how it doesn't take too many embellishments to make the cover look great!  I plan on making more of these to sell at a Christmas Fair .
Folds in again.....

   I am excited about my sister, Adrianne, coming for a visit this weekend. We are going to work on making a 6x6 album for her. She is bringing her boyfriend and his daughter, Kate. Kate wants to make one, too. I plan on having fun helping them to find their creative side in choosing paper and embellishments.
  We had a great time at Disney. I will leave you with a few pictures of our last day there. We went to the Safari at Animal Kingdom 'cause Tom missed it when he went golfing. We also went to Epcot the last night for dinner. We ate at the Japanese Pavillion. Had a wonderful meal there.
  We rediscovered the France. We had not been up towards the building for awhile 'cause there was a pastry store there. We decided to skip our diet and check it out. They have expanded the pastry store to include sandwiches. They have also added an ice cream shop. We will be going to France more often now.
   The storm has not started yet. I guess I will work on a birthday card for Lenny, Adrianne's boyfriend and wait to do some shoveling later. What fun!!!

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  1. Disney was so much fun! I tried the Mini Mini album too! I made mine bigger but think I like the mini mini better. It is super fun to make!!