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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Busy Bees!

  Wow! Am I behind in posting!  I finished my thank you cards to friends who were so generous this past holiday season. I cased two cards from Pinterest 'cause there are such cute cards there.
Thanks Elaine for all you do....

I love using my scraps 'cause my storage is overflowing with scraps from my many projects. Putting different designs together is not real easy.
  The second card  was fun to make cause after you stamped your design you cut it into pieces and then put it back together, kinda.
Helen is so thoughtful....

   Whew! Where has the time gone. January is behind us and hopefully most of the bitter cold. I have not posted for awhile due to being so busy with home projects. We have been transforming our bathroom to make it more to our tastes. What a project. But perfect for staying inside during the cold season we have had. First we hired a contractor, Ian Smith, from Cumberland to take out our tub and put in a new shower. We love it.
Looks great.. subway tile is so classic.

 Next, the vanity looked so dated next to the new shower, we decided to buy a new counter top at Lowe's. Russ wired a new outlet for me on the right side so that I could have easy access to power. I did the "mudding". As you can see this isn't my day job. But good enough...  
I had seen on Pinterest that some people framed out their old mirror to give it a new life. I love this idea, so Russ framed out our mirror. I painted it white and it looks fabulous.
   Here is the semi-finished vanity. I still have to sand the nail holes and touch up the paint around the mirror, but you get the idea. Russ is pretty handy to have around the house. He does great work. We are now working on the bedroom because next to the bathroom it looked a little dated.
After...........Looks so much better. 
          I have been showing my friend, Elaine, how to make Ginger's Pocket Page mini-album from My Sister's Scrapper. Pocket Page Album She does a great job explaining all the steps and giving you the dimensions you need. Elaine is a creative person and did a great job designing her album.
What a lovely cover...
                                                                            She has a lovely cottage, so she decided to devote her album to the fun times she and her family have had there.
  She is almost done, but needs to add her photos and some embellishing here and there. I had wicked fun working with her on this project.
The back.... perfect...

Inside pages...
                                         I am working on a wedding mini-album for my son's upcoming wedding in June. Plus, painting the bedroom and redecorating it. I think this will keep me busy and out of trouble.
  My sisters are working on an explosion box that has pockets. I hope to begin work on that idea soon.              

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  1. You have been busy! Love your cards! You and Elaine did a great job on her mini album! Love the colors used!!