" I am a dreamer. I am , indeed, a practical dreamer. My dreams are not airy nothings. I want to convert my dreams into realities, as far as possible. "

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Getting Warmer???

  I saw signs of Spring this week with a few robins outside our windows. What a nice way to start a week. It has turned colder but I think it will be getting warmer soon.
  I have been working on a new technique which I did learn about awhile ago from a class I took from Jeanette at Stamped Designs in New Hampshire. I had forgotten all about this until my sister, Chris, at Calla Lily Studio showed me a project she had been working on incorporating the technique. It is coloring micro fine glitter with Copic Markers using stickers from Elizabeth Crafts Designs.
 Here is my finished work.                        
Love the sparkly look of this technique.

  The black lines you see of this design is the sticker part from Elizabeth Crafts Designs. She has black lines, gold lines, and I believe silver lines in her designs. This link to the video showing you how to do this technique is awesome. The lady does an excellent job of showing how to do this work and do it easily. Coloring Glitter
   My sister at Calla Lily Studio has an example of what she has done with this technique at Calla Lily Studio Blog
   The sheets of stickers are only $2.00 each. The Micro Fine Glitter you can purchase for around 5.00. The double sided adhesive sheets are around 8.00. You might give it a try, if you are looking to do something a little different. 

Smash Wallet Mini-Album

  The other project that I finished was this Wallet Smash Mini-Album. I think that is what the gal doing the video called it. I love it. You can slip this into your pocketbook and haul it out with pictures of your kids, trip, or grandchildren. It really can be used for anything. And it is so easy to make. It didn't take me any time to put it together. She is over at Papercraft Button . This is a link to the video she does on this project. She does a great job explaining each step. Papercraft Button  
    Here is a look on the inside.
There are pockets for photos and journaling. 
  I am quite proud that I have gotten so many projects done.
   Another project I have pretty well completed is my 6x6 wedding album for my son's upcoming wedding. I want to put in pictures from the time leading up to the wedding and any pictures I take from the bridal shower and rehearsal dinner. I want to purchase an actual wedding album from their photographer, but this album will be my pictures. I loved making it.
Wedding Album
   I used the hidden hinge system to put the pages
in the album. I had purchased wedding paper
at Michael's in South Portland. I had alot of embellishments left over from  when I did my own scrapbook on my wedding. Ginger,over at My Sister's Scrapper, has a video series on making this album. She does an excellent job on her directions. Here is the link: Pocket Page Mini-Album
This album does take a little time and lots of designer paper. I would purchase a collection of paper; either 6x6, 8x8, or even a 12 x 12 pack. It is wicked fun to see what collections are out there and which one you want to use. You really need to think about what pictures you will be putting in the album because this will probably effect the design of the album and what embellishments you want to use.
Tags slide into a pocket.

A little attached tag to put tags behind.

A fold out 

Waterfall photo album attached to back page. 

Each page has a pull out photo mat in the side pocket.

Loved the wedding design paper.
   I used magnets to make sure some of the pockets or flip pages
stayed in place. You put these in before you add the design paper.
You also use a ton of scor-pal tape or any other double sided tape.
   Wow! Another project done.. What shall I do next? I think I am going to make an Explosion Box. My sister, Rochelle, over at Creative Corner Studio found the directions to making it and we all chipped in to buy the directions. Both my sisters have made this box, so it is my turn. 
  I can't start it until I get back from Disney. Yes...we are going again. This time with Chris, Tom, and my mother. We are excited to be leaving the cold and heading towards the warmth. My sister , Phillis, will be joining us for a few days. She lives outside Tampa. Love seeing her. Can't wait. I always clean my craftroom up before I go, so it will be ready when I get back. Here are a few pics of a pretty clean craftroom.
 So it is off to Florida. Many thanks to our house sitter, who gives us peace of mind while we go and have some fun. I hope it doesn't snow while we are gone. 

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Too Much Snow.....

  There is such a thing as too much snow.. I know some people would disagree with me, but I just finished shoveling heavy wet snow off our back porch. Don't my shoulders ache. The only thing that cheers me up is that we saw robins at our bird feeder this afternoon. Doesn't that mean that spring is around the corner. Hallelujah!!

Across the street from our house......
  Anyway, I am happy to announce that wedding invitations to our son's upcoming nuptials are being sent out as I type this post. We are excited to see Nathaniel and Kristin so happy. I was asked to make the invitations which I happily worked on for months. It is a beach themed wedding . Kristin's colors are turquoise and brown. They really go well together.
I ordered these envelopes from Cards and Pockets. 
I added a shell die cut from Sizzix. I thought it worked well here. I am going to use the same die cut on  the rehearsal dinner invites, too.
  I really like working with vellum. You have to use a special glue to get vellum to stick to anything without seeing the glue. I used Stampin Up's stick glue. It worked very well with the white paper I used.

The invitation open.

 The envelope opens  up vertically. I used my Stampin Up stamps for the shells on white paper. The invitation is printed onto the vellum. It is an overlay to the stamped design. Scor-pal tape was used to adhere the invite to the envelope. I also used a Stampin Up punch on the inserted cards that you see in the picture.
  The hardest part of this whole process was making sure the headings lined up once you put them into the pockets. I finally got it right.
Another view...

   I am presently working on the rehearsal dinner invitations. I have come up with several designs, but I think I have hit on the right one. I will post pictures of the results as soon as I am finished. I can't wait for June. Prayers for a beautiful day weather wise.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Busy Bees!

  Wow! Am I behind in posting!  I finished my thank you cards to friends who were so generous this past holiday season. I cased two cards from Pinterest 'cause there are such cute cards there.
Thanks Elaine for all you do....

I love using my scraps 'cause my storage is overflowing with scraps from my many projects. Putting different designs together is not real easy.
  The second card  was fun to make cause after you stamped your design you cut it into pieces and then put it back together, kinda.
Helen is so thoughtful....

   Whew! Where has the time gone. January is behind us and hopefully most of the bitter cold. I have not posted for awhile due to being so busy with home projects. We have been transforming our bathroom to make it more to our tastes. What a project. But perfect for staying inside during the cold season we have had. First we hired a contractor, Ian Smith, from Cumberland to take out our tub and put in a new shower. We love it.
Looks great.. subway tile is so classic.

 Next, the vanity looked so dated next to the new shower, we decided to buy a new counter top at Lowe's. Russ wired a new outlet for me on the right side so that I could have easy access to power. I did the "mudding". As you can see this isn't my day job. But good enough...  
I had seen on Pinterest that some people framed out their old mirror to give it a new life. I love this idea, so Russ framed out our mirror. I painted it white and it looks fabulous.
   Here is the semi-finished vanity. I still have to sand the nail holes and touch up the paint around the mirror, but you get the idea. Russ is pretty handy to have around the house. He does great work. We are now working on the bedroom because next to the bathroom it looked a little dated.
After...........Looks so much better. 
          I have been showing my friend, Elaine, how to make Ginger's Pocket Page mini-album from My Sister's Scrapper. Pocket Page Album She does a great job explaining all the steps and giving you the dimensions you need. Elaine is a creative person and did a great job designing her album.
What a lovely cover...
                                                                            She has a lovely cottage, so she decided to devote her album to the fun times she and her family have had there.
  She is almost done, but needs to add her photos and some embellishing here and there. I had wicked fun working with her on this project.
The back.... perfect...

Inside pages...
                                         I am working on a wedding mini-album for my son's upcoming wedding in June. Plus, painting the bedroom and redecorating it. I think this will keep me busy and out of trouble.
  My sisters are working on an explosion box that has pockets. I hope to begin work on that idea soon.