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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Disney Happiness!!

  I am so happy to finally be able to post. We are at Old Key West at Disney World, Orlando. I am with my husband, Russ, my son, Nathaniel, and  his fiance, Kristin. We have all been trying to get onto the internet with our computers and have had no luck. I finally called the HELP desk. The woman I spoke to was sooooo nice... She told us what to do and said she would have someone refresh the modem. It worked.. Disney is known for its great customer service. So true....
   We have had great weather since we got here.  We spent our first day at Disney at Animal Kingdom. We headed to the Safari ride. It was perfect timing because we walked right on. Perfect.
We are so happy to be sharing our fun with Kristin and Nathaniel.
Kristin used her new camera to get some great pictures of the animals we saw. We saw quite a few.
Lots of giraffes

The lion is on top of the rock. Resting.
We spent most of the day at Animal Kingdom and then headed back to Key West to relax in the pool. Nice. We heard from family that the weather back home was snowy and miserable.
Feeling a little bad, but happy to be here.
  We decided to see the Magic Kingdom parade and fireworks. It was packed, but we had dinner at Pecos Bill and sat outside on the rock wall and stayed there for the whole parade. It's the only way to watch a parade.
Electrical Light Parade
   Today we went back to Magic Kingdom to enjoy the rides and to have a Dole Whip. We did all those things and had a great day. The park was way less busy which was very nice.
At the Magic Kingdom
  We got to go on Ariel's ride which we had
never done before 'cause it is a new ride at Fantasyland, It's wicked cute and relaxing.
Ursula doing her thing.
Yummy ... Dole Whip
After Space Mountain, Thunder Mountain, and, Barnstormer it was time for  a Dole Whip. So refreshing....
  We headed over to Hollywood Studios on a bus to Beach Club and then took the boat to Hollywood Studios. Smooth sailing.
  We went on the Great Movie Ride and saw Beauty and the Beast.
Osborne Lights
We went through  Walt Disney's museum, too. Hunger set in so we ate at ABC Commissary. The highlight of our time there was the Osborne Lights. So pretty. It really puts you in the Christmas mood.
  We came back to our room and walked to the quiet pool. It has been a great day. We are waiting for a pizza to be delivered. What could be better. Tomorrow we go to Epcot. Til then...


  1. Wow! You guys are doing it all! I love the dole whip pic!

  2. Sounds as if you are all having a wonderful time. They say the temperature here is going to get only into the teens tomorrow! I am hoping you have warm temps to bring back with you. I am sooo jealous of you all. Margaret says the Dole Whips are the best and they MUST get one first thing when they are at Disney. Missed you guys this morning. It will take a good 15 minutes or so to clean off my car when I go out to mail some things this morning. Oh the joys of winter. HAVE FUN!