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Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Preparations... Yum..

  I love Thanksgiving. It's all about food and family. You get a day to enjoy what you have and to celebrate the past year. Love it..  Our whole family ( except Jill's family)  is getting together this year at our home. That would be 24 people. That is the most we have had at our Thanksgivings in a long time. Bring on the food. We have a 20 pound turkey, a turkey breast, and a whole spiral ham. Hope that is enough.
   Our Holiday Fair was pretty successful. We doubled our monies. We are looking to do more of a craft fair next year in hopes of improving our sales. We are looking to really just support our paper crafting hobby. My sisters, Phillis and Andrea, are coming over to work on a 6 x 6 album of their own. I want to "infect" them with the desire to paper craft... Also, I want to see how I do with a class on paper crafting.
  Since I didn't sell all my Christmas cards I am going to use them for MY Christmas cards. Smart, huh? Now I don't have to fret over making them. They are all done. I can go to Disney and not worry about what I have left to do for holiday prep.
Love the hedgehog stamp set.
Christmas cards this year
Love the inside of this card.
Finally got to use this stamps
   We made an Album in a Box to sell at the Fair, but
My smaller Christmas cards
they didn't really sell since we brought them all
back home. I love them, though. I might try
and sell them on my blog; just to see if anyone might want one. If I don't sell them, I will use them for my own photos.
   I loved this "steampunk" style album. I guess I like the vintage look of the pictures and the embellishments.
Album in a box
   Inside the album you have the same pull out photomats that the 6x6 has; plus the same tags  and pockets. I think these albums store easier than the 6 x 6 albums.
  Anyway take a look at my latest album.

Inside pocket

Inside tag

The cover holds the album pages.



Pocket holding tag

Cute embellishement

A flap to hold more pictures

Photomats pull out of the ends of the pages.

   I am sad to say that I made a "Thinking of You" card for a friend that fell down her basement stairs. She broke her neck, but is doing fine with a neck brace. Her husband is waiting on her " hand and foot". I am so thankful that she is alright. Pray that her recovery goes smoothly.
  Here is the card that I made for Bobbi.
Praying for a smooth recovery.
  I am working on the centerpieces for our 4... count them... 4 Thanksgiving tables. It is alot of fun figuring out how each table should look. I will post pictures next time.
  We await my sister, Phillis and her husband, Cary's arrival on Sunday. Excited to see them. Oh boy, more helping hands. Happy Thanksgiving preparations!


  1. I am excited to see the whole family together! It has been a while! What fun! I love the album in a box! Yours came out fabulous!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Cook family!! Glad to see Carey and Phyllis will be back around your table! We have some more little Wheelock "Greats" since I saw you this spring. The latest, our son and daughter-in-law, welcomed Kodiak a few days back. I'm glad your Holiday Fair went so well. Thanking God today for great friends and family. Blessings on your gathering.