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Friday, August 16, 2013

Denver Bound!

   What a great day to travel to Denver, Colorado. The weather was beautiful in Maine and it has been gorgeous here in Westminster, too.
    We flew on Southwest Airlines and the traveling was smooth.... The trip has been easy  with no problems at all. Nice! I love the logo for Southwest. I think I could use it for one of my cards.

I love the heart in the  middle.
  We were on the second leg of our flight for
about 4 hours. I was looking at that logo for
for quite awhile.
   The airport in Denver is quite lovely.  It reminds me of tents. Kristin tells me that it is suppose to be a "reflection" of the mountains. Anyway, it really is a pretty airport and easy to get around, too.
Denver airport

  We were pretty tired from our all day travels, so Kristin ( Our daughter ) and Mike ( Kristin's boyfriend) suggested eating at Salt Grass Restaurant. It was just down the road from our hotel.
  We had a great time. The food was good and it was nice to catch up. I am sorry, Mark. I forgot to take pictures of the food.  I will next time.  
Great restaurant


  Tomorrow we all are planning on taking the Georgetown Loop Railroad. It will show us "the beauty of the rugged Rocky Mountains" as we travel on an old-time locomotive. We will pass by the remains of gold and silver mines with "breathtaking views". I can't wait. I know Rob ( My niece's husband) would love to be taking this trip. He loves trains.  I will be taking plenty of pictures. Yes, Mark, including the food.
  We are "hitting the hay" early to help us get ready for a fun day.   Check in tomorrow night for an update of our vacation. 


  1. Cool looking airport! The train sounds like fun! Can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. Yes, it does sound like fun! Toot Toot!!