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Friday, June 21, 2013

Winding Down!!

   June has been a busy month for us what with traveling and garden work.. We just finished mulching the yard. It looks great. All that sweating and bending was worth it.. I think!  The garden is growing and the trees are looking good.. Here is a picture of our dogwood tree out front.. It looks gorgeous.. I think I am going to dry some of the flowers for my paper crafting.
Gorgeous Dogwood Tree
 We are also having a YARD SALE  on Saturday, June 22nd from 9:00 to 2:00. at 42 Collins Road in Yarmouth, Maine.   My sisters and some friends have added their stuff to make it quite an event. We have a wet suit and surfboard, jewelry, tables, dishes, craft storage items, clothing, and books to name just a few things... Hope if you are in the area, you can come check us out.. Here is a picture of a set of dishes our neighbor, Lisa has for sale.
Very pretty dishes for sale....

   I have been spending time on our back deck that we had built last August. It's been perfect weather for sitting out there and enjoying the birds and getting a slight tan. We love the deck!
   I bought a few pillows for the wicked furniture to make it a comfy place to rest. The rhododendron bush gives the wicker settee a nice shade during the heat of the day. I think we made a good investment building this little deck.. Happy are we!!
Our rhododendron bush
Sure looks cozy...
Kristin ( # 872) is right behind Nathaniel for another good finish....
  Russ and I went to the 5K race that benefits breast cancer research. Our son, Nathaniel and his fiance, Kristin, ran in last weekend. It  was fun to watch them and others try for their personal best. It was  a beautiful day, but I was informed that it was a little hot for running.. I bet.. We sat in the Sea Dogs stadium sipping cool water waiting for them to come running in to the finish.. Loved that..
Nathaniel number 871.. good finish!

   It has been a lovely month for weather. Warming up a  little more each day. This weekend should be perfect for a  yard sale. Hope to see you all there.. Have a nice weekend..
A good day for running a race.. all for a good cause...


  1. The bushes around your house are beautiful! Bring on the yard sale! If it's anything like last year- it should be fun!

  2. Hope all goes great with the yare sale. I wish it had not been raining when we came to see you, as I would have loved to walk all around the house and seen your deck better etc. Send my love you your Mum!

  3. Looks like Nathaniel and Kristin must be pleased with their performances! Your dogwood looks beautiful!

  4. Hi Connie,

    Your dogwood tree is lovely with its creamy-white blossoms! I'm glad you are enjoying your new house. Hats off to your son and his fiance for running the race. This is one cause I'm truly passionate about.