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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Wicked Busy Month of May

  May has turned out to be a very busy month , indeed!  We have had loads of fun with family all around. My sister, Phillis and her husband, Cary were up from Florida for a visit. They brought the sunshine with them and promptly took it back with them when they left. Hoping for sunshine on Monday, if we are lucky...
  We planned a 50th birthday party for my sister, Andrea while Phillis was here. Andrea's birthday isn't til August, but we really wanted to surprise her ( like my sisters did for me). And we did surprise her!!! Here are a few highlights of the party. The food was great...
Happy 84th Birthday, Mom!
Surprise, Andrea!


   Phillis and I made a great card/book for Andrea  teasing the life out of turning 50. ( It's in the slide show.) She took it all in stride since most of us have already joined that club and then some.. It took us three days working on this project on and off. I think the results are cute and funny. At least that was what Andrea said....
    It was Mom's 84th birthday, too. We decided to celebrate them both on the same day.  It is no nice getting together with family and celebrating milestones. What a busy day!

  When Phillis and Cary left to go back to Florida, we headed over to The Garden Spot to buy flowers for the cemeteries. We spent two days cleaning out and planting the Memorial flowers at Riverside Cemetery, Morningside Cemetery, and the Bath Cemetery. Dad's grave site looked great with the geraniums  all planted.
Visiting Dad.....

   It's still quite rainy and chilly here. Wishing for the summer temperatures, but loving the beauty of the spring.
Beautiful crab apple tree

Side door hanging flowers.

   Well, I am getting ready for a lobster bake at our house. The weather is suppose to be warmer and no RAIN! I hope that weather man is right... Happy Memorial Weekend , everyone!!!



  1. Wow! May has been a busy month! You guys did a great job on Dad's grave. The pictures are all lovely! That crabapple tree is fabulous!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pictures, Connie! Dad's grave looks wondeful! Love the picture of Andrea being surprised! LOL! We pulled it off!!! Flowers around your house are beautiful!!