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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Warming Up?

   I have been happy to note that it is warming up around here a degree at a time. We are in the forties temperature wise... The snow is melting due to the March sun being more direct. Hurrah!! Sick of the snow and cold. Anyway, until it gets a whole lot warmer I am inside working on fun "stuff".
   We recently went to Rockland to a flea market sale there. It was great fun. We ate breakfast at a cute little place on the Main Street of Rockland. Don't remember the name of this place, but the food was good. 
Cute breakfast stop...
What can I say..
We hopped in the car and headed to the flea market to see what we could get for a deal. There were many interesting things there that I did not buy, such as the deer lamp -NOT my style at all.
   I did like the bureau that had a map front on the drawers. I could do this to a piece of furniture at home. I did not buy it for that reason. I really liked the look, though.
This is the name of the place!
   I did buy a little ceramic bunny for our Easter table. I hate to say I am collecting bunnies, but I tend to buy them when I see a cute one.
Kind cool looking, don't you think?

 My niece, Callie found an old fashioned desk for her son, Ezra. I
think it fits him perfectly.

Ezra's new desl

 Do you remember these desks when you were in school? I do. The top lifted up to hold your books and papers. I believe she bought it for fifteen dollars. Not bad.

Huge whoopie pie.. biggest I've seen.
  On the way home we stopped at an Irving Station that had a bakery inside. My sister, Rochelle, bought this whoopie pie for our Easter dinner this weekend. It will have a place of honor at the dessert table weighing in at 8.24 pounds. That should feed 14 people nicely.
  I have been working on my paper crafting this week, too. I made a birthday card for my friend, Elaine. She is celebrating her birth this week. I made this card from an idea I saw on Pinterest. I used an embossing folder for the first time and I really like how it looks. I think I will be using it alot more.
Love the colors- spring like..

 I had some prima flowers and a lovely brad that gives the card its pop of color. Happy Birthday, Elaine!!!
   I also made a birthday card for my niece's daughter, Amelia who turns one at the end of the month. She is such a cutie. I found this idea on Pinterest, also. I love punch art, but boy it is alot of work to find punches that will make the shape you are looking for in your design.
What a happy clown!

   I used my Spellbinders die circle die cuts to make the round hoop with the sentiment inside. The balloons are a Martha Stewart punch. The clown is made up from a circle punch, oval punch, hand punch, heart punch, and the little eyes come from Stampin Up's owl punch. I think I will be working on some more punch art in the future. Making this card was fun.
   I ended the week with a fun time at my son, Nathaniel's and his fiance, Kristin's house warming party at their new home. Quite a few people showed up. I was especially proud of the cake pops that my sister-in-law, Charlotte, helped me dip. We had not made cake pops before . I used the Baby Cakes cooker to make the round cakes. That part was wicked easy. I was worried about the dipping.  We melted yellow candy melts and began dipping. It worked out real well. I dipped them and Charlotte tapped off the extra dripping white chocolate.
Not bad for the first try.

The problem came when we set them down on waxed paper. They would flatten out. Well, Russ made me a stand after we had them done, but I can see how this will keep the pops rounder. I took a photo of their good sides.
  We melted chocolate and drizzled the pops for decoration. I can improve this step, too.
   I hope to improve my skills every time I make them. I see such pretty ones on Pinterest. Maybe they only took pics of their good sides, too. Ummm..
   Anyway here are some pics of the housewarming party. Good time was had by all.
Fun group!
Friends of Nathaniel and Kristin
Happy Easter to you all, if I don't get to post before then. I am planning on Easter dinner for 14 this Sunday. I will post pics of the tablescapes for the two tables I am preparing. Hopefully, I can do this before we eat. Spring is coming....


  1. Love your pictures! Had tons of fun in Rockland and can't wait to try the Whoopie Pie! Your cards are cute, cute, cute!!!

  2. This post is full of fun! The Rockland trip was fun! I love the Whoopie Pie and the Cake Pops! Your cards are all adorable!!

  3. I love my birthday card, Connie. It is fun to share the cards you make for me with the folks at Southgate. Of course, they love them also. Have a wonderful Easter together with your family, eating those yummy looking homemade goodies. Can't wait to see how you decorate your tables.