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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Preparations

   I have been working on two wedding cards for my sister, Phillis. When we were in Florida when  she asked me if  I would make her a wedding card. Well, I made two. I don't get a chance to make wedding cards alot lately, so I really enjoyed making these. 
For Phillis
  I have made the card on the right before. I like to change the wedding dress a little to make it unique. I stamped the dress with a peg stamp from Rubber Stamp Tapestry  I haven't used their stamps in quite awhile, but they are beautiful stamps. You should check out their site that I have linked for you.
  The other card I cased from a card on Pinterest. I used a stamp from Just Rite that I have not used before. I love it. The white dots are from using enamel accents and two pearls. I hope Phillis likes one of them . I will be sending them along to her soon.

Another project done!!
  Russ has just finished another project on our long list of things to do. We painted the island a mushroom color to match the beautiful hutch he made recently. He also added some trim work to give the island more interest. I love it. The stools stand out more and the paint brightens up the kitchen alot. He really does nice work. It's so handy to have a husband who likes to do carpentry work. It's kinda like papercrafting, I guess.
  We both have been working on preparations for  Easter dinner tomorrow. The tables are set and the centerpieces have been assembled. I really love doing this for my family.
Table One
   I bought this birdcage at The Christmas Tree Shop. I really love the whiteness of it. The little bunny I purchased while "junking" one weekend. I am not sure where I picked it up, but I think I am going to start a collection of cute bunnies. I am hooked.
   I am expecting  14 people so I have to set two tables to seat them all. The tables are close to each other, so we are "together". One table it larger than the other.
Table Two
   The second table has a few of my white dish collection. I used pitchers to hold the flowers. And guess what? Another bunny. Isn't it cute sitting there?

This tables seats six.

This table seats eight.

    I found a recipe on Pinterest that used chow mein noodles coated with chocolate, marshmallow, and peanut butter. You form the mixture to look like bird's nests. Then you place jelly beans or whatever to look like little bird's eggs. It's wicked cute and really tasty, too. I had a ball making them. I am going to place them either next to the place cards or in the plate. Can't decide which yet.
Wicked cute... these are jelly bean eggs.
      Well, all I have left to do is make deviled eggs and an appetizer my sister-in-law, Charlotte, sent me. It's made with angel hair pasta that is place in mini muffin tins. Then you pour a mixture of cream and eggs over it. Add cheese to the top and bake. I'll take a pic if they come out looking good.
   I guess I am ready for our Easter dinner. We will go to church Sunday morning and celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and then continue to celebrate with family. I love Easter... It's one of our  most sacred holidays that helps us to remember the sacrifice made for us. And it's Spring. A time of rebirth... and warmer weather. It all just makes me happy..
  Happy Easter to all...I pray your Easter is  a joyful time for you and your family.  


  1. Love your centerpiece! Beautiful tables!! Can't wait to try your little "nest". Looks yummy!! Happy Easter!!!

  2. The house looks fabulous! Everything is beautiful! I love the way the island looks! It really does brighten the kitchen! Great job on the wedding cards! Phillis will love them both!

  3. Chocolate, marshmallow and peanut coated noodles. I'd never serve that up for my kids or they'd demand it on the table every day. Wait, you make your own marshmallow for that??? Now that's love.  。◕‿◕。

  4. I am good to my family, aren't I? But no I use miniature marshmallows.. I am not that good...

  5. Hi Connie,

    Both of your wedding cards are stunning! I can't pick a favorite. Russ did a wonderful job on the island. Your kitchen looks fabulous as well as your centerpieces. I hope you are enjoying your spring.