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Monday, February 25, 2013

On Our Way ....

   We made it to Disney without any problems. We wondered whether or not our flight would take off from Portland, but the snow was just light enough that the runways were kept clear. It was a smooth take off and landing in Baltimore.

Wintery Takeoff
    Our layover in Baltimore was great . We had nice lunch there and walked back to our gate and before you know it our plane was loading. When you travel with family the time goes so fast. I don't think Ezra thought so though.
Is it here yet?

Another smooth landing in Orlando and we were off to BeachClub. 
We got a great room on the ground floor near the pool. Love that... The room is nice and clean with Mickey's head made out of towels. Too cute.


Mickey on the bed

 Ezra, Chris and Tom's grandchild, got a pin thatsaid "First Visit to Disney", their sons-in-laws got one, too.  

First time at Disney!
Chris and Tom have their two daughters, Callie and Emily, with their husbands, Noah and Rob with us. Ezra is Callie and Noah's son. He really liked flying. We were really glad to get to Beach Club and get all signed in. It's so beautiful here.
Cheddar biscuits
We were all checked in and hungry at 8:30. So we headed to Red Lobster for something to eat. It is our tradition to go there for our first meal at Disney and they didn't disappoint. It was wicked late but we ate good. The shrimp is excellent here.

My meal...ummm

Russ's meal..ummmm
We took a short walk around the resort to kinda work off the great food. It was dark but the lights made everything look magical. We love this place and plan on having alot of fun. I don't know which park we will do first. I guess we should decide once we get some rest. The morning will be a good time to make plans.

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  1. Hi Connie,

    Glad to hear you made it to Disney without any problems. The one time I flew to Florida I ended up in Michigan instead - a very long story! Have fun and be safe.