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Friday, January 25, 2013

Going to Disney!

  Baby, it is cold outside. We have been spoiled the last few years. Then I hear that it's going to rain on Wednesday. We do have weird winters here sometimes.
Love Mickey...
Side view.
  Anyway, we are heading to Disney in February. Can't wait. So I thought it would be great to make an Exploding Box to be ready for all those great pictures. This box is not a large box; which I like because it won't take much work to finish it. 
   I got the directions from a site I found on Pinterest. Here is a link to that site.  Exploding Box Directions    Her directions were great. The pictures really helped me to see what to do. It was truly an easy project.
   It does take 12 x 12 paper to make the inside of the box using cardstock.
Take a look inside.

  The inside is really cute. You use whatever patterned paper you want to decorate. I used my Disney paper and stickers.
Another view
 I will finish the inside with pics from our trip. I thought I would stack boxes instead of albums for our trips to Disney. They are wicked cute, too.
  We recently took a trip to Topsfield, Mass. to visit one of our favorite places: Absolutlely Everything. It does have quite a bit of crafting supplies all in one place. We, being my sisters, were there about an hour  and we could have looked even longer. But we had our husbands with us, so we took pity on them.
  While we were shopping, my husband visited the bakery right next door. He found some wonderful whoopie pies.They looked  good and tasted good, too.
   We then proceeded to our next stop which was Dover, New Hampshire at Stamped Designs. We love that shop, too. It has alot of the supplies that we like for paper crafting. Jeanette tries to keep up on all the latest trends. She had just come back from CHA in California and will be getting new items in soon.
Not sure what it is...???
  While we were leaving the shop we saw this ice sculpture outside. It was pretty amazing. I am not sure what it is, though. It should be doing well outside this week. Next week with the rain, I am not so sure.
   Hope you are keeping warm and dry.


  1. Love the Exploding Box! I want to make one too! It is a great way to show those Disney pictures!!! So cute!

  2. I think it is a funny Viking, maybe? But it sure was a surprise to see out front of Jeanette's fabulous store. The exploding box is a great idea for those new pictures from your trip!!! Love it!

  3. Connie,

    I just adore your exploding box! What a neat idea. So glad to hear you are going back to Disney to enjoy some warmer weather.