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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Back to Normal???

  We have been home for a few weeks now.. Feels so good to be home.. loved the trip,but I think traveling makes you appreciate home more. I would have blogged sooner, but my computer has been to the doctor for a new fan and tune up.. It's in good working order; now that we have it back.
   We have been busy getting rid of leaves and doing some early Christmas shopping, so I wasn't even think about my birthday coming up in December. I turn the big " Six -0"..!!
   So my twin sister and I were super surprised with the birthday party my family gave us at my sister, Rochelle's home. A TOTAL SURPRISE!!
Wicked Surprised....
   We had a great time and I really appreciate all the time and effort everyone put in to make this party a memorable one for Chris and I.
Our cake.. Gotta love Mickey!
 The food was awesome.. Family brought food to eat together: meatballs, salads, sandwiches, and the cake and ice cream.. Loved it.. ummm. It was very yummy..
   Our gifts were so thoughtful. We got a hanging dried fruit "thingie" which I love. It says "Faith" on the very bottom.  We got a pair of sparkly white slipper socks for those cold winter nights. It think I will be using them real soon. We also got a gift certificate to Soakology in Portland.  I can't wait to use that little item.. Not sure when would be the best time.. ummm.. after holiday shopping, maybe?
Just right to make my kitchen smell good
Chris and I also got a lovely framed collage that my sister, Rochelle made for us. It really is quite nice with pictures of us when we were way younger.. I really like those pictures..

Love the Build a Blossom stamp set.

Slipper socks, thanks Cindy

     Chris and I are working on thank you cards; although they won't do justice to the wonderful feeling this party gave us.. It's so nice to have a family that is thinking of you.. They really did surprise us this time.
First thank you note.
   Here is the  first thank you note, so far.
   I got the idea from a tag I found on Pinterest.  Here is a link to that tag. Click on the picture and it will take you to the blog where Laurie talks about her designs:
 Pinterest tag

  I changed the layout a little bit. I used Memory Boxes butterfly die cut. I also used the flourish die from Cheery Lynn Designs. The border die is one from Memory Box along with the star burst die behind the butterfly. The pearly lace strip is from Tate's in Bath.  I used  my Stamp-a-ma- jig to place the sentiment in the right place.
    I like how this one came out. I am looking forward to making the other cards. It's been an exciting month. I will be working on my Christmas cards for sure. I am also working on making cards to donate to the church fair to support The Root Cellar in Portland. This groups helps young people. I will be blogging pictures as I go.
   I will be cooking most of the week for the Thanksgiving holiday as most people are probably doing. I am so thankful for my family and friends.

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  1. I am thankful for you too! What would we do without friends and family? Loved doing the party and it was so much fun especially surprising you and Chris!!! You are right it was very hard to keep it from you!! Now to start on Christmas!
    Happy 60th Birthday!!