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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A Warmer Day at Disney!

  Yesterday was a warmest day so far here. We were without Dave and Cindy which seemed kinda weird. We decided to walk to Hollywood Studios to try and get on our favorite ride again: Toy Story Mania.
Disney Tip:   We thought we would have to wait for a long time, but surprisingly we got on in 13 minutes when the board said a 40 minute wait. How did did we do that, you ask? Well, we had to wait about ten minutes in the line til we go to where you pick up the glasses. Then the girl asked us how many, so we naturally said," Two". Well, we avoided going up the stairs 'cause she directed us to go to the right where the wheelchairs go. We walked around and got in the car pronto: thirteen minutes. We had already gotten a Fast Pass to go back on in an hour. Well, we thought, we will try this method again,and see what happens. Sure enough when we got to the girl again and said,"Two", we were directed to go to the right side of the stairs that go up and walked right through to where the cars were loading. That took four minutes with a Fast Pass. Ureka!! No more wicked long waits again..
People taking pics along with Cars characters.
   When we were waiting to use our Fast Passes, we came by the cast of Cars. We thought of Ezra, my sister's grandson, right away. He would love this ...
Kermit looks so cool here.
   We went in the Muppet 3D Show again. It is still cute... I love the old guys in the balcony who say silly things to the Muppet cast. They are so funny.
We were in the front...Notice how small our table is....
  We ate lunch at the Sci-Fi Theater Restaurant. Usually you need reservations, but they had an opening at eleven. So we ate early. It was cute, but I don't think I would eat there again. I thought we would have our own car , but they have taken the front of a car and attached a row of tables to the back. Not an awful lot of room. You do get to see a large screen movie projector that is showing clips of Sci-Fi movies from the past. Weren't they funny..The food was so so..
The lobby of The Great Movie Ride

  Russ wanted to go on The Great Movie Ride. He loves old movies. It was a twenty minute wait. When we walked in the girl asked Russ to take this tag like thing to the girl inside at the podium. Russ has done this on other rides. He thinks they choose him 'cause he looks so responsible.
My responsible husband


The pool

   It was such a lovely day we took the bus back to Boardwalk to enjoy the pool and hot tub. We have not been in the pool since the weather had been quite chilly. It is warming up..The wind was blowing, but the hot tub is sheltered by trees and the pool building. It was so relaxing. Hardly anybody was there. Loved it.. We rested in the room for awhile which was great. My knee has been causing me havoc. I see a doctor's visit in my future.
A great place to eat
   We wanted to eat at Red Lobster one more time on this trip, so we hopped in the car and ate at one of our favorite places. The food is really good. We had shrimp since they did not have haddock, which I really miss eating.
Happy Halloween
  We got back to Boardwalk and changed into warmer clothing for our walk to Epcot and the fireworks at nine. As we walked through the lobby and our the front doors, we saw a Halloween party going on on the front lawn. Kids were playing games and having their picture taken with Mickey. It was really cute.

  We went to the French Pavillion show. Really a pretty trip through France. Then we went to the American Pavillion to see Our American Adventure. I cry every time I see it. The music moves me so much. The pictures at the end are of Americans that have left a living legacy. Many have passed away.. So moving..
    We found a great spot to view the fireworks. The weather was pretty warm.. All in all a wonderful evening. Tomorrow is our very last day here. We drive to my sister, Phillis and her husband, Cary's home. But today was a pretty spectacular day together... Here are a few more pictures.
Narnia outfit
Where are we?
gift shop
Not alot of room.. but it's okay.
Welcome Home!


  1. Sigh...I love your pictures of Disney! All our vacations there have been fabulous! I can't wait to go with you guys and the kids in Feb!!!
    Who took your picture in the Sci-Fi restaurant. That place looks cool- Ezra would like that! The worst day is when you leave Disney....it feels like you are leaving home....
    boo hoo... Be safe on your way home...

  2. I love looking at your pictures too! Russ, responsible, really? Who would have thought! Safe travels especially through the northeast, a lot of devastation. I feel so bad for those people!!