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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Who had more fun??

Ready for tailgating
The game
Hubby enjoying the game.
   The guys went to a football game at Met Life Stadium. They saw the Giants beat the Washington Redskins. Hal had all the fixin's for tailgating. Russ was ecstatic. They had chicken wings, turkey sausage, and bacon wrapped scallops.
Our shopping fun
   The "girls" and I went  to Macy's Bridgewater, New Jersey. It was a fabulous place. Mom found a new pair of pants and a new nightgown with a robe. She's been looking for one for two years. Charlotte, my sister-in-law found a new red  sweater and a cami that is going to look great on her. I bought a new red cardigan sweater and a t-shirt for Disney. We all got our items on sale and used a twenty percent coupons.
Mom and Amerlia
  My niece, Jill and her husband , Rob came over in afternoon with their daughter, Amelia. We spent the afternoon watching her crawl around and chat with us.
  So the question is : Who had the most fun? I think we did...It's wicked fun to watch babies.
  Tomorrow we head south for Florida. We are excited to be heading toward my sister, Phillis and Disney. Thanks to Hal and Charlotte for giving us a place to stay on the way.
Amelia with Grammy Charlotte



  1. Oh, My Gosh! Amelia is adorable! What fun to watch her! I love the stuff you got at Macy's! I shopped there at the Bangor Macy's on the way to Northern Maine. I didn't have a long sleeve shirt for winter!!! Love Macy's!! Sounds like the guys had fun too!

  2. So good to see your Mom. Tell her we said, "Hi". Thanks for taking us along via your blogsite while you travel. Have fun!

  3. Thanks everyone. We had a great time at Charlotte's and Hal's home. Mom is doing great..Russ will always remember the football game with Hal tailgating at the Met Life Stadium. What a good way to start our vacation.

  4. Great pics....sounds like you are all having a great time so far! Anxious to see more pics!

  5. I am glad that you didn't get any of the hurricane winds there. It sure looks as if you are filling everyday up with wonderful memories. My best to your mom and Russ. Have a great time at Disney.