" I am a dreamer. I am , indeed, a practical dreamer. My dreams are not airy nothings. I want to convert my dreams into realities, as far as possible. "

Saturday, October 20, 2012

We Made It!!!

As seen through the car window
   We had smooth "sailing" to my brother's home in New Jersey. The weather cleared about after we left New Hampshire. The trees were beautiful.
More trees


Favorite restaurant in New Jersey
Mom's meal
On the grill
   Hal and Charlotte welcomed us into their home. We caught up on the family news and then headed to a Japanese Hibachi Restaurant. The food was yummy... We ate there last time we visited so we wanted to go back and have Mom experience it. She really liked it; especially the fire that flames up to the ceiling. She did think it was too much food.  We had a great time.
   Tomorrow Hal and Russ are going to a Giants and Redskins football game. Russ is ecstatic. They are going to tailgate and everything.  Color him happy. 
   We gals are going shopping at the mall with coupons and everything.. Color us happy. We head south on Monday. It has been a great trip so far....


  1. Replies
    1. Glad you are having a great time! Food looks yummy!!! Also today is great day for a football game! Safe travels all the way!

  2. Tom and I are just in from Northern Maine. It is good to be home! I loved that restaurant! Sounds like you guys are having fun! Miss you all!