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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Smooth Sailing to Florida!

Autumn in Virginia

  We had a wonderful day traveling though the rest of Virginia and part of North Carolina. The trees were colorful with orange and red hues. We even saw a hot air balloon floating through the air. Helps to break up the long drive to see interesting sights..sigh....
  Once we hit Verona, Virginia we stopped at an Antique place that we have stopped at before. What fun...Mom even liked the place... We were there for about an hour and really didn't have time to see everything. It's a huge place.

Our favorite place

Mom is looking at dolls.

Steins anyone?

We were really "pumped" after our shopping trip. We continued down the road until we found a Red Lobster. It's one of our favorite seafood places. This Red Lobster did not disappoint. Check out the pics of our lunch.  

Mom's clam strips

Lovely cheesy rolls

Russ's fried shrimp lunch

My coconut shrim lunch

   After lunch it was onward to Florida to my sister, Phillis and her husband, Cary's home. We made it to North Carolina . We are in Smithfield, North Carolina for the night. We will take off tomorrow and hopefully make it to my sister's by six o'clock. It's been a smooth ride with Russ doing a great job driving the whole way.
   Here are a few more pictures of the day.. Great weather so far.. It's 78 degrees now.. ummm so nice.

Found this at a rest stop.

Russ acting like Vanna White.

Look at the price of gas down here!!!



  1. Boo... I wanna go to the flea market too!! I love that place! Red Lobster... Love it!!!

    1. The weather looks amazing! Glad you guys are having fun! Say Hi to Phillis and Cary!!