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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Mt.Dora Festival

   We started out early this morning for Mt. Dora. It was about an hour and half away from Land O'Lakes. Phillis and Cary went ,but Mom felt it would be too much for her. She was right.   After we had been there a couple hours, the place became packed with people.
   We found a great parking place so we didn't have to walk too far which was good since Cary has a bad leg. He did really well though walking around. He stopped a few times to give his leg a rest.

This was the festival  before all the people showed up.
     It was a huge festival.  The crafts were really creative. I couldn't take pictures of the crafts of course, but there was one tent that had exploding boxes. The gal was selling them for twenty dollars each. They were each decorated with  a theme in mind.
   Another tent had cigar boxes that had been repurposed with crafty themes. There was one that was a wedding box. Quite nice.What's in a box

Old-fashioned popcorn making
    We got to watch old-fashioned popcorn making on the corner of one the many streets of vendors. It was very interesting. The huge vat was heated with a flame underneath. The oil and quite alot of salt was added and then the popcorn. The man just kept stirring and stirring until it started popping.

A hot job to do....
   It was fun to watch how they got the huge amount of popcorn from one vat to the other. Well.... they just lift it up and it goes in the other vat. Well done.

   I bought a shaby chic picture frame and a shell night light. We went into a few of the many shops behind the tents. Wicked cute. One was an antique shop. Way too expensive for me.. There were some marbles that I thought that Mom would be interested in. There were about 50 of them. H wanted 35 dollars for them. I don't think so...
  We ate lunch at the Saucy Spoon. I was so hungry that I forgot to take pictures of the food, but it was yummy.

Cary checked out this golf cart.
    We were getting tired of fighting the crowds, so we started to head back to the car. Cary spotted this cool golf cart. He talked to the man selling them. It was a cute little thing. But Cary said he wasn't interested in buying 'cause it was refurbished.

Way too croweded.

 It was time to go back to the car and head home.  We had had a great day.  We were all very tired. It was loads of fun.
   Tomorrow we head for Disney. We spend Sunday through Thursday there. Excited to be going back again. Thanks to Phillis and Cary for a great time in Tampa, Florida.

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  1. It sounds like a cool festival! Tom would like the golf cart! It looked like the weather wasn't a problem too! Hope the week is good weather for Disney!