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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Day with Dave and Cindy

Walking to Soarin early morning
      We woke up and took off for Epcot to go on Soarin. What a fun ride this is for us. It was a lovely walk. Chilly..but pretty. Dave looked up the temperature at home and discovered it was warmer at home than at Disney. Oh well..
No one around
   There were not many people up early yesterday, I think because of the chilly weather. It was a nice leisurely walk.... We decided to get a Fast Pass before we went on, so that we could go twice. Well, we walked right on the first ride and when we got off it was a really short wait for the second ride. We asked to sit up front and were surprised at the different perspective you have of the scenes sitting in two different areas.
  With four Fast Passes that we didn't need, Cindy looked for couples to give them to for a Magical Day. The first couple were happy to get them as was the second couple. Although they seemed unsure of what we were giving them...It felt good to make someone's day, maybe.....
Water jumping outside of Captain EO
  Cindy and Dave had never been to Captain EO , so we walked over to the theater to see how long a wait. NO problem.. walked right in. I like seeing a young Michale Jackson perform again. Although I forgot that water is sprayed at you.. ummmm..
  It was time for an early lunch to beat the crowd. We headed towards Italy. They opened in ten minutes so we had a short wait. It was well worth it. The pizza and salad was perfect. Although a little pricey at 60.00 for both of us with water and tip. But it was a lovely memory.
Yummy leftovers
      Feeling pretty full, but not stuffed we had a treat at Germany at the Werthers building. I had a chocolate cupcake. Russ had a chewy bar. Cindy had a chocolate covered pineapple slice, and I don't know what Dave had. Now we are stuffed.
At Norway's gift shop
  As we walked through the countries, we decided to take the boat ride at Norway. It had been awhile since I had been on it. I had forgotten some of it. Although, Cindy thought they had redone the ride.
Great picture of Cindy....
   Mexico was next 'cause Cindy buys real vanilla there. We hopped on their boat ride which is always fun.   
   Dave wanted to check out Coranado Springs for a shirt he thought might be there. It was a relaxing bus ride to a resort we had never been to before. It is a lovely place. It reminded me of Caribbean Beach Resort that Russ and I had stayed in a number of years ago.
   We made the decision to go back to Magic Kingdom to finish up some rides that we didn't do the day before. We rode on Thunder Mountain and visited the Tiki Room. Oh.. we just had to do Pirates of the Caribbean again. We were pooped by now, so we took a bus ride back to the Boardwalk. We were going into the pool after dinner,but again the sun went in and it got too cold. Boo...hoo...
Dave's taking a picture at Magic Kingdom.
The Tiki Room: too cute
We ate dinner on the Boardwalk. Again I was so hungry I didn't take pictures of the grilled chicken sandwich or the yummy nachos we ate.
   We visited The Screen Door gift shop and the Boardwalk gift shop before heading back to the room. Cindy and Dave came to the room for good-byes. They would be heading for the airport early the next day. They checked their flight and knew they could make it home with no problem. Thank goodness.
  We had wicked fun together. We hope to do it again soon..
  Today Russ and I are on our own.. I think we are walking to Hollywood Studio to do Toy Story Mania again.. I am still looking for some Mickey earrings that I had spotted there the first of the week. It should be warmer today...


  1. Wow you guys are going to be tired, tired! Looks like a fun vacation! Sorry that today is your last day but if I know you guys you will be there in the spring sometime!!!

  2. Wow! $60.00 for Pizza and water.... Tom has just passed out!! I hope you ate it slowly!!! It must have been fun to try it once.!!! I can't wait til we get to go back to Disney!!