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Thursday, March 22, 2012

Shopping Therapy at Downtown Disney

  We hopped on a bus for Downtown Disney after taking a nap. Tom went golfing at Osprey Ridge. The shopping therapy began after having a sandwich at Earl of Sandwich. The place was not busy until later when everybody and his brother landed there. We had fun looking at all the good stuff. I bought a few souvenirs
Russ is just as cute as Mickey; cuter....

He squirts water.

   We were lucky enough that while we were waiting for the Disney bus to pick us up.. and we were tired, too- Tom called and said he was finished golfing. He offered to pick us up in five minutes. Whoopie!
   We were home in no time with our feet no worse off.. It was a great day.
   Tomorrow will be our last day. We plan on going to flea markets and then to the Epcot fireworks for one last time.


  1. Hi Connie,

    Enjoy your shopping at the flea markets and the fireworks. Sounds like you are both having a wonderful time.

  2. It really has been a fun trip! Downtown Disney is always FUN!