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Thursday, March 15, 2012

On the Road Again...

IHop breakfast
    We are traveling by car to Disney World again. What fun to go with family. We are headed to New Jersey to stay with my brother, Hal and his wife, Charlotte.
   We stopped in South Portland and had a healthy breakfast. It was a good start. I love how they put the calories on the menu.

Looks good...

Have you ever seen so many die cuts?
 The best part of traveling is the food.  
More Memory Box

    We talked our husbands into stopping in Topsfield, Mass to a favorite craft store. They had the most Memory Box die cuts I have ever seen. Just look at these pictures . Chris and I stood here and looked for the longest time.We each bought three of them and let me tell you it was hard to chose.

  The name of this craft shop is Absolutely Everything. And is does have everything. The staff there are really helpful and friendly. We traveled to Willington, Connecticut and stopped at Country's Pride. We had a fabulous lunch.

Good eating.

Stopping at Country's Pride

It was a buffet . Always good. Enough about the food. Well , we are in Whitehouse Station and enjoying our time with family. Hal made hamburgers on the grill; more yummy good. It has been a good start to our trip.
  I just want to thank Donna for house sitting for us. It's so nice of her to help us out.

More food.

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  1. Wow! The memory box dies at Absolutely Everything are incredible. Can't wait to go there again! Glad that the trip is going well. Continued safe travels. All is well here! Can't wait for more updates!!