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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Long Drive

    We set off for North Carolina about 7:00 this morning; saying good-bye to Hal and Charlotte. We had alot of fun visiting with them. Hopefully on the way back in a few weeks we will get to meet a new member of our family being born soon. Jill and Rob ( Hal & Charlotte's daughter) are patiently waiting for their new arrival. We can't wait.
   Chris and I kept ourselves busy with nap, iPad games, and practicing Zentangle. I haven't done it for a little while but really love trying out the creative doodles.

This should be framed.

Another wonderful design

Chris has done some amazing Zentangles. She has inspired me to practice some more and use some of her ideas with stamps and stencils. Aren't these amazing? 

Recognize him??

I love this one of Mickey since we are heading to Mickey's home in Orlando. I've told her she should mount these and frame them for her wall. They are so gorgeous.
   We had been searching for a fleamarket along the trip and Tom found a flyer after we left Perkins in Winchester, Virgina. We followed the directions and had no trouble finding it. What a find it was, too. The place was huge. We didn't have time to really explore it, but Russ found some Mickeys that I thought were so cute. I bought one and a Minnie Mouse for Mom.

This place was huge.

I felt like I had to leave bread crumbs for fear of getting lost. This place was awesome. We are going to try and stop on the way back home 'cause we will have more time to explore.  

Not enough time to explore.
Signs of Spring

  We landed in Fayetteville, North Carolina for the night. The temperature here was 80 degrees. Nice. It has been nice to see so many signs of Spring. Some of the trees are budding and we've seen daffodils blooming. It feels so great to know that this is coming to Maine. Can't wait.
   Tomorrow it's on to Florida and seeing my sister, Phillis and her husband, Cary. Here we come....


  1. I agree Chris should frame them! Beautiful work! Hope the weather continues to be nice for all of you. We keep looking for signs of spring here too but I am afraid just brown still. Have fun and say Hi to Phillis.

  2. I'm trying this again, Connie! Everything is still VERY white here in AK! Days are getting very long though, we're at 12 hours of daylight and gaining over six minutes a day. Who all's traveling with ya? Is your Mom along? Love following your trip. Thanks for posting. Have fun!PS I've never heard of Zentangles. Really neat!

  3. How beautiful! Enjoying visiting with my twin sisters!!

  4. How did I miss this post? Thank you for displaying some of my work with Zentangles! It is very relaxing to experiment with all the different designs! I love it!