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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Infinity and Beyond!

   We headed back to Magic Kingdom last night to watch the parade and see the fireworks. I am not a fan of Disney's Electrical Parade 'cause the music is awful. The floats are cute. The fireworks are awesome, though.

Waiting for the parade!

Cinderella's Castle at night.
  I took lots of pictures of the castle 'cause the different colors were so cool.

Lovely shade of pink

Multi colored castle

 The night was so perfect as far as weather. There was a slight breeze which was refreshing in wake of the day's heat. The only problem was the mob of people. We have never seen so many at Magic Kingdom before. It was a slow walk to the bus once the fireworks were over.
  Today we walked over to Soarin at Epcot to get Fast Pass. We watched Captain EO and Figment before getting on. I forget how much I love this ride. Everyone heads there first so it's quite busy. The Fast Pass is a wonderful invention.
    We ate lunch at the Chinese Pavillion. The orange chicken was delicious. We then walked to the boat and got off at Boardwalk Resort.
     We shopped a bit at The Screen Door gift shop and then headed toward Welcome Home Wednesdays for Vacation Club members. Russ had decided that we should sit down front so that he could get chose for the Jeopardy Game about Disney. And guess what ???? He was picked.

He's a shoo in for the real show....
    He knew he wouldn't know most of the answers, but whoever plays wins and gets free gifts. He was a riot because for most of his answers he chose Japan. People thought he was funny. He won a Disney magnet for the car, a Disney thermo bag, and a can cozy. When we walked back to Boardwalk to go to the Members gift shop, we walked by someone and they said, "Hello, Japan!" He's famous now.


  1. Too funny! Leave it to Russ! Mark said he is going to enroll Russ in Summer school! He has a new nickname now!!! Just gotta let you guys know that it was 81 degrees today!!! My lilacs have buds now!

  2. 81 degrees! You have got to be kiddin!!! Boy, we did have fun today! We did things we have never done before. Russ was funny at the Welcome home meeting...it's stuff like that you never forget!!

  3. Looks like you are having a wonderful time!!! So glad you are sharing!!! I'm having serious withdrawal!!!!
    We'll have to get together when you get home for a full report and more pictures!!!!